Free Fire April 2024 Update: See what changes in the OB44 Update Notes

The Free Fire update takes place this Wednesday, April 17, 2024 from 1:00 am.
Free Fire April 2024 Update: See what changes in the OB44 Update Notes

Ronny Rolim

Free Fire players have reason to celebrate in April 2024, with the arrival of the long-awaited OB44 update . With exciting new features and significant improvements to the game, the update promises to take the battle royale experience to a new level.

Now, Free Fire Mania , the largest independent Free Fire portal in the world, exclusively publishes the notes with all the changes that are about to arrive in Garena 's Battle Royale. Additionally, the Free Fire April 2024 update , with version OB44

Free Fire Update April 2024: find out everything that will change

Free Fire April 2024 update changes
Free Fire April 2024 update changes

Battle Royale

Boss Invasion (1st Phase)

In this event, we will have 3 bosses on the Bermuda map.

Players need to find the boss's location point and interact with this environment and summon the boss. The boss's position will be marked on the minimap. See below how it will work:

Boss Summon:

  • Players need to find the boss's location point on the Bermuda map.
  • When interacting with this environment, players will summon the boss.
  • The boss's position will be marked on the minimap.
  • A prompt will appear to notify players when the boss has been summoned.
  • The boss will appear after 5 seconds.

Boss Disappearance:

  • If players move away from the boss, it will disappear.
  • Players will need to summon him again to face him.


  • If players kill the boss, they will receive items (left on the ground) in addition to 1 event point.
  • The maximum event point per match is 1 (one)!
  • Other players can also kill the boss.
  • In this case, whoever takes the last hit on the boss will receive the rewards.
  • Rewards will appear wherever the boss is killed.

Individual Summon:

A player can only summon 1 boss at a time.

Event - Annihilate Dragon (2nd Phase available on the server only from the 22nd)

Aniquila Dragão Event arrives at Free Fire after update in April 2024
Aniquila Dragão Event arrives at Free Fire after update in April 2024

Once players get 3 event points by playing and killing bosses, the next match will be against a dragon. See how the 2nd phase will work:

Booyah! Team Transfer :

If players "Booyah" the dragon match, the entire team will automatically transfer to a new one and face a new dragon.

Start of the Match

The entire team enters the match with their weapons and "armor" (vest + helmet) at maximum level.


If your teammates are downed, they will be automatically revived with standard weapons and equipment.


If players manage to kill the dragon, the entire team will receive extra rank points.

Mission Failure:

If players fail to do any "Booyah" or do not kill the dragon, the dragon points will be reset to 2.

Other adjustments

  • Active Skill Card Optimization:
    • Players can now take the Active Ability Card that is equal to the active ability the player is using in that match.
    • If a player's Active Skill is ready to be used, taking the same Active Skill Card will give the player 1 additional use of the Active Skill, so the player can use the Active Skill twice quickly.
    • If a player's active ability is on cooldown, taking the same Active Ability Card will remove the cooldown instantly.
  • Portal Optimization:
    • It now takes 1 second to teleport to your intended destination using the Portal.
  • Your use of Energetic will now be uninterrupted.
  • The Gel Mason attachment will automatically be used in the attachment slot when looted.
  • Players can interact with other players in the cabin by attacking or tapping other players' characters. When you do this, their profile will be displayed, so you can check out their outfits, send emotes, and add friends.
  • Vending Machine Adjustment:
    • The Ganchos Launcher is now available in the vending machine for 200 FF Tokens, with a purchase limit of 1 per player. (Only available in Kalahari)
    • Price changes for other items.
  • Terrain loot adjustments:
    • Reduced the number of weapons with Lv chips. 0. Increased the number of weapons with Lv chips. 1.
    • Use the new weapon: VSK94.
  • Removed the light effect from the Airdrop Monster Car item on the ground.

Contra Squad

Meca Drako Drop Event in CS Mode (Contra Squad)

Drako Meca Event arrives at Free Fire in April 2024
Drako Meca Event arrives at Free Fire in April 2024

A dragon, Mecha Drako, will carry a special drop while flying over areas of the map in CS mode.

Basic rules:

  • A dragon, Mecha Drako, will carry a special drop while flying over areas of the map in CS mode.
  • To make Mecha Drako drop the drop, which contains new game items, the player needs to hit it in flight. Note: there can be more than one dragon in the same game.

What new items can be found in dragon drops?

  • Dragon Freeze

    Quick freeze, but allows the opponent to continue moving. Additionally, there will be an extra explosion after the first one.

  • EMP grenade (electromagnetic pulse grenade)

    A special grenade that emits electromagnetic pulses after exploding to hit opponents within a certain range, disabling their minimaps and preventing them from using items.

  • Dragon boot

    Similar to the high jump boot. When you equip it, you can perform a double jump (but the second jump will be to travel a distance horizontally and not upwards).

  • little dragon

    A baby dragon that follows you at all times and, every 10s, reduces the movement speed of opponents you hit. It also reduces their attack speed; and causes them to continually lose life.

Other adjustments

  • Airdrops in CS no longer disappear when the round ends.
  • In Contra Squad and Training Island modes, you can now simply click on an item to show the details on the purchase page, so you don't have to hold the item.
  • It's easier to get assists. Increases the countdown time for enemy hit assists.


Characters will be changed in the Free Fire April 2024 update
Characters will be changed in the Free Fire April 2024 update


Kairós is the new character in Free Fire
Kairós is the new character in Free Fire

Special force.

”Kairos is a member of the Special Forces with strong military and combat skills. He underwent rigorous training and was very proficient in various tactics and the use of various types of weapons. Unfortunately, on one mission, he was accidentally exposed to a mysterious energy source that changed his body. Since then, he has thirsted for energy, wishing he could find it in battle. However, he was also worried about the possibility of losing control at critical moments. As a member of the Special Forces, he still actively participates in many missions, but his new abilities make him a double-edged sword for his team.”

Kairos will be present at the Paradox Event. In berserk mode, Kairos' attacks will have a mysterious impact on his opponent.

To learn more about the new Free Fire character, visit: Kairos Free Fire .


Tatsuya Free Fire

Attack or defend, forward or backward - Tatsuya can do it all. Your movement ability is a familiar component on the battlefield, used in both offense and defense. In this update, the cooldown of Tatsuya's moves will be slightly increased, encouraging players to use his abilities more carefully.

  • Rebel Shot : Advances at high speed for 0.3 seconds. This ability can be stacked up to 2 times, with a 1 second cooldown between each use. Skill cooldown increased from: 45 seconds → 60 seconds


Ryden Free Fire
Ryden character undergoes changes in Free Fire

Ryden 's skills can fight many others. To make spider traps more effective and better gauge Ryden's effects in combat, the traps' duration and downtime have been adjusted.

  • Into the Spider's Web : Releases an explosive spider that can be destroyed in the target direction. Duration: 30 seconds → 60 seconds. Tap the skill button again within 10 seconds to stop the spider's movement. The spider grabs the first enemy it encounters within 5 meters, reducing its speed by 80% and causing it to lose 10 HP/s. The health reduction effect lasts from 3 seconds → 5 seconds. Cooling. Downtime reduced from: 75 seconds → 60 seconds


Santino Free Fire

Using Santino 's abilities requires adequate timing. This update extends the clone's duration, giving Santino more time to strategize and execute.

  • Transport Dummy : Creates a clone with 200 HP and moves freely for 12 seconds → 25 seconds. When the clone is 60 meters away, use the skill again to switch positions with the clone. You can only swap once in 3 seconds, up to 2 times in total. Players who destroy the clone will be marked for 5 seconds. Cooldown reduced from: 75 seconds → 60 seconds.


Joseph Free Fire

Joseph 's abilities are crucial in protecting himself against various enemy tactics. With the update, the cooldown of your skills has been reduced, allowing for more frequent use.

  • Nutty Movement : Immune to damage (e.g. slow, marking, ability disable) and gains a 10% increase in movement speed for 5 seconds. Cooldown duration reduced from: 60 seconds → 45 seconds.


In close combat, every second counts. Adjustments have been made to Nikita 's ability to reflect this, increasing the effectiveness of her cooldown abilities.

Nikita Free Fire

  • Fighter : Bullet reload speed increased by 20% → 30% every time the skill user attacks an enemy. Enemies hit will have their recovery rate reduced by 30% for 10 seconds (maximum reduction: 30%).


Caroline Free Fire

Movement speed is crucial, and Caroline gets tweaks to maximize this advantage, especially for players who prefer shotguns.

  • Agility : When holding a shotgun, movement speed will increase by 13% → 16%.


Kapella Free Fire

Kapella is designed for support and assistance. In this update, allies supported by Kapella will have their movement speed increased, improving team dynamics.

  • Song of Healing : While assisting teammates, assisted teammates gain 80 shields and increase their movement speed by 10% → 80%. The speed boost decreases within 4 seconds of completing the rescue. Reduces the health reduction speed of killed teammates by 35%. The effect cannot be stacked.

Other adjustments

  • Active skills cannot be used during the purchase phase in CS mode.
  • Added sound effects when capturing musical notes from Awakened Alok.
  • Optimized the display when affected by the A124 ability.


Gameplay changes will be available in the Free Fire April 2024 update
Gameplay changes will be available in the Free Fire April 2024 update

More instant feedback for your best battle moments

Your skills deserve epic praise!

“For all shooters and survival experts, we know that the usual elimination ads are not satisfying when you take crazy headshots, destroy squads alone, eliminate multiple enemies using a grenade, or crush enemies without taking damage. You deserve a better prize! That's why we're releasing several new battle announcements for these moments. Of course, teamwork is an important element, and the actions you take to help your team will also receive attention in this latest update!”
  • Added 15 new instant battle notifications for your highlight moments.

More accurate IM suggestions for in-game communication

Smoother communication so that the team becomes more united!

“Effective communication is an important key to achieving Booyah. We are always paying attention to innovations to improve in-game communication and make it more automatic, intelligent and accurate. We want to ensure that all players can easily develop strategies and apply their best tactics in matches. Come on, Booyah time!”
  • Quick Message Button “ It’s Booyah Time! ” will appear at the start of BR and CS matches. Press this button to encourage each other! When all team members press this button, a special animation effect will appear.
  • Quick message button “ The enemy is here! ” will appear when you deal damage to an enemy. Press this button to mark the location of the last enemy when you dealt damage.
  • Various instant messages will be recommended to you based on your situation at that time. This message button will appear at the top of your instant message list.
    • For example, when your HP is low and you don't have a Med Kit, the " I need a Med Kit " quick message button will appear at the top of your quick message list.

More variety of automated instant messaging

Stay alert amid the chaos of battle!

“Often we are too focused on the battle that is happening and we miss important information from our team. There's no need to worry anymore, we've added several new instant messages that will be activated automatically in different situations so that each team member doesn't miss any more information!”
  • Added automatic warning messages for various situations in matches.
  • Added automatic warning messages for some marked targets.

Other adjustments

  • Increased the sensitivity threshold to 200. You can now set the sensitivity to a higher threshold.
  • Clarified the visual effect of the above indicator of friends being attacked when asking for help.
  • When a player is knocked down, the Pin button automatically turns red to tag enemies more easily.
  • You can now use vehicles to collect Barracão, Airdrop, Revive Point and FF Tokens.
  • Removed the Free Look feature from vehicle settings.
  • Added HUD settings feature for vehicle buttons.


Adjustments to the Bermuda Hangar area

Small changes for a more exciting experience. Try it in CS mode!

“We changed the layout of the Hangar to make the combat experience more balanced. “This adjustment will make players less easily surrounded by gunfire from multiple sides, making it safer to launch attacks.”

Other map adjustments

  • Added FFWS-themed graffiti in Bermuda/Purgatory/New Earth. Look for them!



The Bison , known for its excellent accuracy and high damage, will receive a nerf to ensure fairer competition between weapons in its class. Damage will be reduced by 10% and the magazine capacity will go from 30 to 25, maintaining its high accuracy.

  • Damage -10%
  • Charger 30 → 25


Furthermore, the Trogon , which despite previous weakenings, was still too powerful, will have its damage reduced by 8% and its range by 5%, aiming for a greater balance in the shotgun category.

  • Damage -8%
  • Range -5%

Extra Load

Free Fire Extra Load

Extra Load , in turn, will face significant changes to balance the exchanges. Your damage will be reduced by 10%, maximum charge distance will decrease by 25%, movement speed will be reduced by 5%, and time to full charge will increase by 30%.

  • Damage -10%
  • Maximum charging distance -25%
  • Movement speed -5%
  • Full charge time +30%

Vector and Double Vector

Vector Free Fire

On the other hand, Double Vector and Vector will receive buffs to improve their competitiveness. The Double Vector will have an increase in magazine capacity to 23, a 5% increase in accuracy and a 15% increase in range. Similarly, the Vector's magazine capacity will also be increased to 23.


The MP5 submachine gun, considered less attractive compared to other weapons of the same type, will have its damage increased by 8%, aiming to make it more competitive.

  • Damage +8%


Finally, the PARAFAL , known for its high firepower but limited by magazine capacity, will see an increase from 18 to 20 magazine and a 10% improvement in sight entry speed.

Parafal Free Fire

  • Charger 18 → 20
  • Aim input speed +10%


Free Fire system will undergo changes in April 2024
Free Fire system will undergo changes in April 2024

Role system

Discover your strengths and roles for the glory of your team!

“Over the long ranked season, you can be a courageous rusher, a skilled shooter, or an all-rounder who gets along with everyone. Roles on this team are often the subject of discussion in the gaming community and are even a requirement for joining the team. Now that this feature has been added to our game, it's time for you to discover which play style suits you and find the perfect team that needs your skills!”
  • The system analyzes your play style through data such as the weapons or character skills you use in ranked matches, along with your other behavior in the match.
  • There are currently 5 roles: Rusher, Sniper, Bomber, Support and Rifler, each of which will describe a unique play style with different calculations.
  • By adding a Role tab to your Profile page, you can see a diagram showing the distribution of each of your Roles and the level of Skills for each Role in the Ranked Season.
  • You can display your desired role and role skills on your profile page, friends list, and upon loading, join the match.

Invite status updates and latest highlights from friends

Come on, let's play!

"We've made several changes to the Invite Friends system to make it easier for you to notify your availability at that time and to make it easier to find suitable friends to rank up!"
  • Now you can choose multiple statuses online:
    • " Ready to Play Together ": Automatically accept all invitations to play together and join the team.
    • " Do not disturb ": Automatically rejects all chat invitations.
  • Friends' Latest Highlights : If your friends get the latest highlights in ranked mode, they will be shown in the mabar invite banner. Examples of highlights are winning streak, MVP, ranking or in CS mode.

Guild Optimization

Optimization in the Guild system
Optimization in the Guild system

Keep strengthening your Guild!

“In this version, we've made several changes to the Guild system, including earning Activity Points when playing together with more Guild members. Feel the thrill of playing with your guild friends!"
  • Earn more Activity Points by inviting more Guild members to play together.
    • Get 10 points per minute for a team with 2 Guild members.
    • Earn 20% more points for each additional Guild member that joins your team.
  • New rewards for participating in Guild Wars .
  • Added “Competitive” and “Casual” tags to make it easier to find the appropriate Guild.
  • Adjusted the Activity Points requirement to level up the Guild. Reduced points required to advance and remain at Lv. 6.


Last Challenger icon

The newest icons for the main survivors!

“To more clearly differentiate the Challenger's rank, we've changed the icon and adjusted the Challenger's Avatar and Banner.”

  • The Master level is divided into 6 of the previous 3.
  • Each level will receive new Avatars, Icons and Banners as prizes.

Game environment

Honor Score Weekly Rankings

Interact with other survivors and get a higher rank!

“Your Honor Score is now calculated every week and you will receive prizes when your Honor Score is high!”
  • The Honor Score ranking is determined every Monday.
  • Receiving likes from players in a match counts as positive behavior, while committing violations in a match counts as negative behavior.
  • Players with a high Honor Score will receive +1 progress toward the Honor Score reward as well as a one-time exemption from the Honor Score penalty.
  • Players with a low Honor Score will receive an additional Honor Score deduction when committing a foul.

Feedback when reporting toxic voice chat

Please calm down!

"Added instant feedback for toxic voice chat reports to increase gaming comfort."
  • Faster handling of toxic voice chat reports.
  • After reporting, you will no longer hear the voice chat sounds of the player you reported.
  • If the player you report is punished, you will receive an in-game email notification.
  • If the player you report receives a penalty while the match is still in progress, a pop-up will appear in the match.

Other adjustments

  • Added career achievements in PVE and Craftland mode.
  • Added level reward display on profile page.
  • Added different color displays for game invites that are differentiated by the origin of the invite.
  • Updated the player information pop-up page. Added match highlights, glory ratings on weapons and roles. The buttons at the bottom are also updated.
  • Added a one-time delete friends feature, which is useful if your friends list is full.
  • Added the condition that the Evo Gun "Final Shot" can be activated. In BR mode, eliminating a squad at a certain distance can trigger the final shot's special effect.
  • Added chart recommendations feature in settings.

Finally, the Free Fire update goes live from 1am this Wednesday, April 17, 2024 and, as happened in previous editions, there should be no maintenance breaks. To learn more about how to update Free Fire, visit: update maintenance procedure .