Free Fire Next Update Date

New Weapons, New Items, New Characters, learn all about the next Free Fire update

Free Fire Next Update Date

FFMANIA, Monday, April 25, 2022

Free Fire Next Update Date

The date is coming to know about the next update of Free Fire and here on the Free Fire Mania website we will bring you all the news and information first hand!

The next Free Fire update happens in April 17, 2024 (GMT+5:30), remains 1 month, 25 day, 16 hours and 40 minutes.

The expected date for the update is: April 17, 2024, it can happen hours before or after due to the time zone.

The news is many, new weapon, new character, new items and other important details that will enter the game. And not forgetting that the new ones will arrive Diamond Royale, Gold Royale, Weapon Royale, Incubator and Elit Pass.

All updates are tested beforehand at Advanced Server, an exclusive Server to test the new update and report errors to Garena before the news arrives on the Official Free Fire Server.

See what's new in the next update: