Free Fire Advanced Server: Download APK and Access Advance

Find out all about the Garena APK that shows Free Fire updates in advance

Free Fire Advanced Server: Download APK and Access Advance

FFMANIA, Monday, April 25, 2022

Free Fire Advanced Server: Download APK and Access Advance

The Advanced Free Fire Server, or Advance, is a APK of tests and separate from the official Garena provides for players to test the news of the next update and report bugs and errors.

This Advanced Server APK is only available for Android and it is not found on Google Play! Garena releases the APK every 2 months, before each Free Fire update so that players can test the news and report bugs!

Advanced Server (July)

Below we show the most recent news of the month of July about the Advanced Free Fire Server, which is true is here! Click on a title to find out more!

Free Fire Advanced Server Registration

To register on the Advanced Server, the player must have a Facebook account and access the site:

Just click on Register and wait for the release (or not) of Garena.

Free Fire Advanced Server Download

The Download of the Free Fire Advanced Server should only be done through Garena's official website:

Try to download the Advanced Apk to another location, you will be putting your device at risk, do not do it!

How to Report Bug on Free Fire Advanced Server

Free Fire Advanced Server: Download APK 66.35.0 Advance FF (direct link)

As we mentioned earlier, the Advanced Server is exactly for players to test the content of the next update and report bugs.

To report a Bug, follow the steps:

1st: Access the website:;
2nd: Login with your Facebook Account;
3rd: Scroll down and click on "Report Bug";
4th: Fill in the fields with the details of the Bug and send it to Garena;

About the Free Fire Advanced Server

Will my Free Fire account be deleted if I log into this server?
No, your Free Fire account will not be deleted - a new one will be created.

Will all registered users have access to the Free Fire Advanced Server?
Only 5000 users selected by Garena will be eligible to play on the Free Fire Advanced Server. The others will enter a waiting list, and may enter at a later time.

How do I know if I have been selected for the Advanced Free Fire Server?
Chosen users will be notified by in-game mail.

I installed the Advanced Server APK - why do I get an error message and can't log in?
The Advanced Server can only serve a certain number of users. If the Server is full, wait a while and try again.

Where can I download the Advanced Server APK?
You can download the APK from the official Advanced Server website as soon as you are chosen as a participant. A button to perform the installation will appear.

I already have an account on the previous Advanced Server, do I need to register again?
Yes, you need to login with your Facebook account on the official Advanced Server website.

To register, go to the Advanced Server official website, click here.