Free Fire Advanced Server: Download APK 66.35.0 Advance FF (direct link)

Players can now download the APK from the Advanced Server with the new OB43 January (2024) version and test the new updates for Garena's Battle Royale
Free Fire Advanced Server: Download APK 66.35.0 Advance FF (direct link)

Ronny Rolim

With the launch of the Free Fire Advanced Server, the countdown to the game update in January 2024 began. The APK has kept players excited about its release as it acts as a testing ground for new features and allows players to provide input before it goes live with the actual update .

Overall, the Free Fire January 2024 Advanced Server was opened today, and players can now download and install the client through the APK offered on the official page. Although the file is accessible to all users, only selected players who received the code can access it.

Advanced Server is a standalone application (APK) that Garena launches before the release of the Free Fire update. It effectively allows players to try out new features before they are officially implemented.

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A guide on how to download Free Fire Advanced Server January 2024 (OB43)

Download APK Free Fire Advanced Server 2024
Download APK Free Fire Advanced Server 2024

You must follow the exact procedure listed below to download and install the Free Fire 2024 Advanced Server :

  • Step 1 : First, go to the Advanced Server website by clicking this link .
  • Step 2 : Once you are on the dedicated website, log in using the Facebook account you used to register earlier.
  • Step 3 : Click on the APK download option to get the latest Advance Server APK file.
  • Step 4 : Then enable the Install from unknown source option and install the downloaded file.
  • Step 5 : Launch the game after installing the January 2024 Free Fire Advanced Server and select the “ Guest ” option. A dialog box should open on your screen asking you to enter the received activation code.
  • Step 6 : You need to press the "OK!" button to gain access to the Advanced Server.
free fire advanced server activation code
When entering the activation code, players need to press the "OK!" option — Photo: Free Fire Mania

Free Fire Advanced Server Download Data January 2024 (direct link)

  • APK link : click here ;
  • Size : 1 GB;
  • Version : FFadv_66.35.0_0103_BR.apk
  • Device : Android;

If during installation you are informed that there was an error analyzing the package, you can re-download the APK and follow the steps again.

Additionally, players have a chance to earn diamonds in the official version of the game by reporting bugs and crashes in the Free Fire Advanced Server January 2024 with the OB43 version of Garena's Battle Royale.