Free Fire: advantages and disadvantages of Garena's Battle Royale

Playing Free Fire it is possible to obtain numerous benefits but you must be careful not to let the game get in the way in real life
Free Fire: advantages and disadvantages of Garena's Battle Royale

Ronny Rolim

Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or just Free Fire ) is an action-adventure mobile video game in the Battle Royale genre, developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena . The game got an open beta in November 2017, was officially released for Android and iOS on December 4, 2017.

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Overall, Free Fire consists of a total of up to fifty players who parachute onto an island in search of weapons and equipment in order to be the last survivor to be the champion. Players freely choose the starting position of the jump, pick up weapons and supplies to increase their lifespan in battle.

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Advantages and disadvantages of playing Free Fire

Free Fire
Playing Free Fire it is possible to achieve numerous benefits

At first, when playing Free Fire, it is possible to achieve numerous benefits. Although it is also possible to identify disadvantages that players should be aware of in order to minimize them.


Advantages of playing Free Fire
Free Fire has a huge list of advantages, but players need to be careful not to be harmed

Now, check out the list of benefits and advantages of playing Free Fire:

  • Develops the brain : asking a small child about something in Free Fire, so they tell everything in the smallest details and very easily, which shows that playing the game develops their mind.
  • Learn to plan : to play Free Fire you need to have planning, know where to land and when to enter a standup. Most of the time this planning is incorporated into real life, which can be of great benefit to users.
  • Vision development : on a screen where several details happen simultaneously, players are forced to be aware of everything around them, so Free Fire increases and develops the players' vision. Although they need to be aware of the maximum play limit per day.
  • Rules compliance : Free Fire has numerous rules that players need to be aware of so as not to lose their accounts. Also, they watch YouTube videos and listen to streamers talking about rules and all the time.
  • New knowledge : before Garena's Battle Royale came along, many people didn't even know what a Discord, Twitter or other streamer platforms besides YouTube was.
  • Make money : although many players spend lots of money on the game, it is also possible to make money with Free Fire, either by recording videos or even winning the numerous amateur championships that exist daily in the community.
  • Learning : To do well in the game, users need to learn things quickly and also adapt with new updates and changes. If they can do the same thing in real life and in studies, they will learn everything very easily.
  • Motor development : the practice of playing with the fingers helps in motor development, because it is necessary to have reflexes and accelerated thinking on the battlefield.
  • Sociability : people who play Free Fire develop relationships and facilitate sociability, this is because the game is carried out in conversations with their friends, in fact, communication is essential to play well.


playing free fire
Free Fire must be played with caution so as not to disturb real life

As stated earlier, it is necessary to be aware of some problems that games, including Free Fire, can cause, among them are:

  • Vision problems : although we said above that Free Fire develops vision, if players spend more than 2 hours playing, they will have eye problems.
  • Irritability : Free Fire is played with concentration and when bothering a person during his game, he can get irritated. So it's important to remember that Battle Royale is just a game and that there are other obligations in real life.
  • Loss of real friends : as matches are played on mobile, Free Fire players refuse calls and ignore real-life friends who look for them during games. As in the previous item, they need to be vigilant and not let this happen.
  • Loss of money : in the same way that it is possible to earn money playing Free Fire, it is also possible to lose it. Users spend a lot of money buying diamonds to participate in in-game events and get clothes and items for their characters.
  • Difficulty in studying : another disadvantage of Free Fire can be the difficulty in studying, this is because players are playing Battle Royale all the time. In this case, it is necessary to remember that it is just a game and a hobby and that it cannot be a priority.

Finally, players must be aware of the opportunities that the advantages of Free Fire offer , at the same time, they also need to eliminate the disadvantages listed in this article so as not to let the game develop negative points in their daily lives.