18 news of the Free Fire update in June 2020

18 news of the Free Fire update in June 2020

Check out the main changes that will be in Free Fire from the June update.


The June update is coming and through the Advanced Server we can have a good base of news that will be available in the next Free Fire update .

Youtuber Sara de Lima recorded a video with the main changes that are already present and a good part of them should enter the official game server from June 3rd.

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Check out the changes:

1. Character skills

June 2020 free fire update

As we anticipated for you, even characters with active abilities like Alok, can now be used on other characters, see: Alok's ability released for other Characters .

2. Home screen

new free fire splash screen update June 2020

The home screen will undergo changes to the summer theme, containing the beach background with chairs and umbrella. To complete the new summer theme, the plane and airdroip were also designed, even the tires scattered on the maps were given a new duckling skin .

We should have more events with this theme in the game!

3. New lobby

The lobby is also known as the home island, it is where the 50 players get together before they get on the plane, nothing more fair than a nice and fun theme, right?

The lobby has a post-apocalyptic theme with houses and bridges destroyed and more, what's next?

4. Olhadinha

little fire free look

Keep running, but be sure to see all sides, especially the back, peek is the new feature that will allow you to look at all sides without having to stop running, this function is already available on the advanced server .

5. Ability indicator

From now on, each character's ability will turn yellow when in use. Whenever a player is using a skill, the icon will be highlighted.

For example: In Kelly's ability that is running, whenever the character runs, the icon of Kelly's ability will be highlighted yellow.

6. Changes to the Maps

During the matches you will be able to find a Throne , similar to one we have had in the past, but with a different theme.

Those broken cars (and you've tried to get in several times hahahaha) will get a new theme.

There will also be a new plant spread across the map, make emotes for it, the plant will grow and give you some equipment.

7. Elite Pass Gallery

elite passes gallery

You who are an Elite Pass collector will be able to show your gallery to your friends showing all the elite passes you have obtained and how many badges you have collected on each one.

8. New Emotes

new free fire emotes

Emotes are an attraction within Free Fire and with each update Garena brings new emotes.

In addition to the new Emotes, Garena also released more slots and a "equip" button, to make life easier for those who want to change Emote.

9. Mailbox

A new design was added to the mailbox with a white background with the name Free Fire among other things, your mail is like an email, there you receive messages, prizes and even your redeemed code .

10. Choice of map

On the Advanced Server , you will now be able to choose which map to play your ranked match in, since when the Purgatory map was inserted into the game, players asked for this option, and this time Garena listened. Will it come to the official server?

11. Reject invitations from strangers

Another novelty that Garena brought to the Advanced Server , is the "do not disturb" option, it is for players to accept or not invitations from other players who are not on their friends list.

12. Character Clu

character Clu no Free Fire

The character Clu is a detective whose function is to find out the position of opponents who are not squatting or lying down. even better, starting at level 4, you can share this ability with your companions, stay tuned, the images in this publication about the character are only illustrative, we will not spoil the surprise.

Learn more about her: New Character Clu .

13. Wolfrahh character

Wolfrahh character

Wolfrahh has the Attention Center of skill reduces damage of head shots, while the damage to the arms and legs of the enemy increases.

14. New Pet Falcon

The new Falcão pet arrives with the Flying Free skill that will increase the speed of the fall when the parachute opens, in addition, it will also increase the speed of the glider when jumping.

15. The return to Redemption mode

There are two opposing teams appearing on opposite sides of the map, the team that reaches 100 points wins, for each enemy that you eliminate your character will gain more strength, speed and will jump higher.

16. New Reaper Mode

new free fire reaper mode

Each player will have 4 sets of weapons to choose from and use, the goal is to kill 30 enemies in 10 minutes, but with each kill the reaper icon fills up, when it is complete you can transform into a reaper getting more speed and more life ( hp).

17. Change in bomb squad mode

Now when you arm or disarm the bomb will have an animation, different from what it was before and a mini turret added, see how this mode works .

18. Change on the training island

The training island will now have ice and that kill counter that we are used to in a normal match, the Training island is made up of the Combat Zone and the Shooting Club. Take advantage of the Shooting Club to practice your aim and the Combat Zone to practice your Skills against other players.

It's not over yet, wait for the next publications!

Watch the video:


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