How to buy Free Fire shares and become a Garena partner

Shares are traded on the Brazilian stock exchange and can be traded through investment brokers
How to buy Free Fire shares and become a Garena partner

Ronny Rolim

Free Fire is a Battle Royale mobile game produced and distributed by the company Garena . The game was the most downloaded mobile game in 2019, 2020 and 2021. In addition, in the first quarter of 2022 it remains the most downloaded mobile game in the world with more than 71 million downloads in just 3 months.

In 2019, Garena changed its name to Sea Limited and in 2017, with the support of Tencent , another game producer, it became a public company with its shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

After a difficult first year of trading, Sea's shares outperformed all competitors. Initially, the earnings were fueled by the huge success of the first mobile game: Garena Free Fire , which attracted around 150 million daily active users in over 130 markets.

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How to buy “Free Fire shares” and become a Garena partner

How to become a Free Fire member by buying Garena shares
It is possible to become a member of Free Fire by buying Garena shares

Shares , also known as “stocks”, are the smallest portion of a company's share capital. In other words, it is a title that confers rights and obligations on the partners. By purchasing a share, the investor becomes a shareholder and partner in the company.

Thus, the easiest way to invest in “ Free Fire shares ” here in Brazil is through BDR Sea Limited . In other words, a BDR is nothing more than a “ share ” traded here on the Brazilian stock exchange ( B3 ), but representing a publicly traded company headquartered in a foreign country.

Thus, the shares of Sea Limited, owner of Garena and Free Fire , are being traded here on the Brazilian stock exchange under the name (ticker): S2EA34 .

free fire owner
Forresti Li, owner of Sea, Garena and Free Fire

Fans and players who wish to invest in Free Fire shares, if they do not already have them, must register with any investment brokerage, among the various options, there is Banco Inter (free):

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Home Broker action S2EA34
Home Broker action S2EA34

Therefore, after registering and logging in, simply access your broker's Home Broker . So, in sequence, just locate the search bar for the stock codes on the page. By purchasing any amount of shares, the user becomes a partner in the company.

Note: Players and fans should study the market or hire an expert to familiarize themselves with buying and selling stocks.