June's Free Fire Elite Rewards and Items: Inari's Revenge

June's Free Fire Elite Rewards and Items: Inari's Revenge

Learn about the rewards and all items in the June Elite Pass on Free Fire


The June Elite Pass , with the theme: Inari's revenge, today started its pre-sale on the Brazilian Free Fire server and it has also released all the items and rewards that players will receive when completing the Elite Pass missions .

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Among the rewards, we have items highly desired by players, such as the Stone of Evolution , check them all out:

Main skin packs:

The Koryo and Kitsune packs are the main character skins for the June Elite Pass .

June's free fire elite pass skins

New backpacks, parachutes and loot box:

elite free fire pass items

The weapon skins of the June Elite Pass are the M249 (rambão) and Machete (Facão).

June free fire elite pass weapon skins

And finally, special items like the Evolution Stone , the Plank , Moto skin and banners.

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Inari's Revenge


Kitsune and Koryo were at the top of a building looking out over the city's Salt District. Long ago they called that place home. That place was taken from them - but now they wanted it back.
Ten years ago the Zabumba Gang [g1] took that territory for them, expelling all the families that used to live there. They wanted to make the Sal District their financial department, a choice based on a good omen. Entire families were forced to seek refuge in another territory with much less infrastructure and dominated by another gang called Inari. Luckily for him, the Inari were open to new members who were willing to play according to their rules.

Koryo and Kitsune understood this quickly and invested a good deal of their time and energy in moving up the gang's ranks. They became known for their ferocity and intelligence - obviously their protective spirits were foxes, and that was the inspiration for their names. They were now gang leaders and were ready to take their revenge. It was time to go home.


Koryo and Kitsune successfully infiltrated the Zabumba territory, paving the way for a complete invasion. Armed to the teeth and with the element of surprise, Inari's Vengeance gang practically ran over the Zabumba. They were forced to retreat to the bottom of the Salt District, leaving most of the streets at the disposal of Kitsune, Koryo and their henchmen. They knew that this was just the beginning, they would still have many battles to fight. They would have to take down the Zabumba leadership if they wanted to take complete control and bring some stability.

Koryo: It's been too long since the last time we were here.
Kitsune: It's practically unrecognizable ...
Koryo: But we are finally back. Back home!
Kitsune: No one has returned yet. This is definitely not our home now. And the Zabumba are not going to back off for a long time, we need to organize ourselves for that.
Koryo: We have never been this close to taking this place back. We just need to finish them.

The two looked at each other before agreeing and turning to their troops. The pair wore traditional leadership clothing. They wore helmets in the shape of foxes, carrying with them the ferocity of their guardian spirits. The wide, patterned jackets were stuffed with pockets, all filled with weapons and grenades. Even the shoes were equipped to allow them to move quickly and effectively, and also had a tail that increased their balance. They needed to prepare their soldiers, because the challenge before them was great. The element of surprise had brought a facility that could elude the most inexperienced, and it was their job to ensure that the troops were prepared for anything. Their goal was: to defend the newly occupied blocks of Zabumba reconnaissance troops while the elite teams focused on ending rival leaders.
Koryo: As everyone here knows, this city is full of gangs. And it was not meant to be dominated by just one group, but not everyone who dominates now deserves that power. It is time to brake and exterminate the power of the Zabumbas.
Kitsune: Our current position is essential to winning the war that we started. We trust you to defend our advantage. Six different paths have brought you here, and you will need to hold your position for a few days. Get organized, eat and protect yourself. Be prepared for anything and nothing can surprise you.
Koryo: We don't expect them to attack the property, so be prepared for snipers and ambushes during rounds.
Soldier: But what about the rest of the gang?
Kitsune: We are all positioned. We have squads invading and exterminating Zabumba hideouts across the city.
Koryo: Don't forget that this is personal to us. Kitsune and I grew up here. 20 meters from here we learn to walk and talk, and these guts don't deserve to step on that floor.
Kitsune: We will take care of the final blow. Our focus is on Zabumba leaders, so wish us luck, as our mission will determine the end of the war.
Koryo: If someone has accounts to settle and wants to join us, we accept volunteers. Don't feel pressured, we still need people willing here.

Three hands appear in the air and three of the soldiers stepped forward. They didn't know why those people chose to join them, but Inari's Revenge was known for having members from all over. And revenge was something that brought people together.

TIME SKIP. Two days in the future.
The war had taken to the streets and it was difficult to determine who had the upper hand by now. The leader of the Zabumba was a difficult opponent. He had already outwitted them twice. The second time, one of the members of his small group was wounded, but they managed to escape with life and with a certain advantage. They split up, one of them escorted the wounded back to the base, leaving Kitsune, Koryo and Sonny responsible for finding the leader of the Zabumba and eliminating him once and for all.

It seemed they were close. The sun reflected in the dust that dominated the streets like a fog, painting the city red, orange and purple. Across the street was his destination, a restaurant that served as a front for the Zabumba.

Koryo: I can feel it, it's down there.
Sonny: How many do you think are in there?
Kitsune: Enough to be a problem. When we get in, he'll be cornered down there, but his henchmen will come right behind us - that's where you come in, Sonny. Do you have everything you need?
Sonny: Everything and a little more. Be quick.
Koryo: Get ready, and let's go.
Sonny climbs the side of one of the buildings, positioning himself in the window of an empty apartment. He straightens his paraphernalia and nods out the window to the other two. Koryo and Kitsune run across the street through the shadows. The two guards at the door are unable to see them in time and, before they can do anything, they fall knocked out on the floor. The two look at each other for a moment, then turn to Sonny at the window behind them. The three nod with their heads. Koryo kicks the door to the restaurant's basement, making way for a long flight of stairs. Kitsune jumps on his glider board and floats down the stairs, closely followed by Koryo.

The pair invade the basement, attacking the other two guards below with their boards. The shooting started right away. Kitsune and Koryo slide to the side of the room, protecting themselves while assessing the situation.

Koryo: Five henchmen plus Bongo.
Kitsune: Well, it's not the first time that we're outnumbered.
Koryo: Yeah, but I don't know Sonny's background ...

Sonny hears the shooting starting in the building opposite, the battle has begun. He sets the sights and prepares, waiting for the enemy's reinforcements. Within reach were four grenades ready to be launched. He smiles slightly, watching the enemy do exactly what they expected, a small group running down the side street towards the restaurant. He launches two grenades at the beginning of the street and two more at the bottom, four figures appear surrounding the enemy - camouflaged grenades. He positions the sights while the henchmen try to protect themselves. They would not escape to tell about their new technology.

Koryo and Kitsune hear gunfire from the street and explosions from camouflaged grenades. It was time to act.

Koryo jumped on the sofa behind which he was hiding, using the board as a shield and heading for the nearest henchman. He hurls himself at him, throwing him to the ground while drawing a pistol and aiming at the next enemy.

Two down in seconds.

Kitsune liked to work in a slightly different way. She pulls out two pistols, taking advantage of the distraction created by her colleague. Their bullets devour the room, one after another, one target after another. She sees when Bongo throws himself behind a table, his eyes half-wide watching each of his guards fall.

Kitsune watches him with some disgust. "He may be smart, but in battle he is a real coward."

Koryo gets up and walks towards Bongo with a determination he has never felt in his life. Kitsune does the same thing, coming from across the room.

They have their weapons in hand and are prepared to dodge any trap of that scoundrel.

Koryo: What's up, Bongo. Will you stop hiding?
Bongo has his back to the table, a pistol in his hand pointing up. You don't see cowardice in your eyes, but a real fear.
Kitsune: Hey, Bongo. Are you shy now?
Kitsune and Koryo were on opposite sides of the table. Bongo had only one weapon and was not so fast, he would not be able to handle both at the same time.

The shots still echoed in the street, without anyone knowing who was winning. Koryo and Kitsune could tell the difference between the camouflaged shots and Sonny's shots.

Kitsune: You have been a very mean boy, Bongo. Her dad tried to dominate the entire south of the city. And he had even been successful, until you obviously screwed up.
Koryo: Bad decisions on your way, Bongo. If you are going to play corruption and espionage, it is better to put competent people to take care of it.
Kitsune: But you didn't think about it. He saved so much that he lost everything - and gave us the perfect argument to end you.
Koryo: Easy, easy, nobody here is going to kill you. You know, there are rules, there are examples, and there are longer punishments. You will be caged for the rest of your life.

The shots slow down outside.

Kitsune and Koryo advance across the table and disarm Bongo, trapping his hands on his back and forcing him to walk up the stairs.

Bongo: Stop shooting!

Sonny remains protected behind the camouflaged grenades. The Zabumba thugs stop shooting, watching their surrendered leader.

Koryo: The era of this creature is over. The Zabumba gang will no longer need your services. The Inari have vacancies for everyone and we offer a good package of benefits. Spread the word, we have many vacancies. Can go!

A new era was about to begin.


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