June 2020 Update on Free Fire

June 2020 Update on Free Fire

Meet the 31 confirmed news that will be present in the Free Fire update in June 2020


Hail, Survivors! We decided to go ahead and tell you all the news that will arrive in Free Fire in the next update on June 3, 2020.

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1. Anti-Cheat Measures

New anti-cheat systems .

"Since April we have been refining the search and detection of cheating accounts and suspending them from the game environment. We do not intend to stop there. In this update, we are adding new cheat detection systems to ensure that this dishonest practice does not happen on our beloved Free Fire. The developer team would like to remind everyone that we have a zero-tolerance policy on cheaters. When accounts are suspended for cheating, we will not remove that suspension. Free Fire is about skill and fun and we will not accept attitudes that violate this proposal."

2. Against Squad

Ranked 1 Season - The Beginning! The season starts on April 4th.

"Even in the pre-season, you sent us countless comments on improvements for Season 1. We’ve heard and incorporated several of these suggestions to improve everyone’s experience. Which means we’re implementing mechanisms to deal with absent players, limiting the length of grenades and, most importantly, we present you the rewards of the season! Get ready to climb a lot!

There are so many changes in Contra Squad that we decided to separate, you can check it out here: Changes in Contra Squad in the June / 2020 update .

3. Center of sight

Available in all modes! New sighting center available in settings.

"In this update we have adjusted the size and color of the crosshairs so that it will be easier to make sure that you are aiming at the enemy.

4. Purgatory

Adjust when opening the map !

"After we received many requests from you, we decided to bring Purgatory back to Classic Mode. Tell us how you are going to kill this nostalgia!"

Removed: Purgatory - Rush Hour
Purgatory - available in Classic Mode.

3. Information Box

Updated sharing mechanisms.

infobox free fire

"It was always difficult to share with your teammates the new safe zone that the information box was passing you on. From now on, that information will be automatically synchronized with your team."

The Information Box (the famous raidinho) will now show the safe area to his teammates;

4. Advanced Accessories - VSS

Greater bleeding damage!

bullet fire saw free fire vss

"The bleeding effect of the VSS has been slightly adjusted according to our original plan. We are making it a little more powerful to become a more viable weapon for the competitive landscape."

Major bleeding damage: 7-> 8

5. Advanced Accessories - Kar98k

Longer duration between shots.

biometric sight kar98k free fire

" Kar98k in conjunction with its advanced accessory was a little too strong when players mastered the mechanism. We are taking some of that speed off to prevent players from shooting too fast with Kar98k."

Time to collect the aim after shooting: -30%

6. Inhaler

Activation conditions removed!

"We removed the need for 150 HP / EP to use the Inhaler. Now you can use it anytime, anywhere."

The Inhaler can now be used with any HP / EP.

7. New Weapon - M82B

Available in the Blue Zone (Classic Mode) and Contra Squad Store!

m82b free fire

"Since we launched the Gel Gun, we have started to receive more and more requests for new ways to counter the gel walls. In this update we brought this new rifle with special ballistic tips to reduce the power of the gel wall during the match The M82B will not be as strong as the AWM, but it will provide consistent damage to gel walls and players hiding behind them. "

Damage Range: 150
Minimum damage: 120
Charger capacity: 5
Effective Range: 60 to 90 meters
Movement speed: 90%
Armor Penetration: 30%
"Ballistics Tips" - Penetrates gel walls and deals 80% damage to enemies behind it. It also deals 200% additional damage to vehicles and gel walls.

8. SKS

Damage, rate of fire, and increased armor penetration:

sks free fire

"SKS fought on an equal footing with most ARs, but was extremely inconsistent with its low rate of fire. We are increasing the rate of fire a little and adding a damage multiplier to body shots to improve performance against moving targets from a distance. "

Body damage: + 40%
Rate of fire: + 7%
Armor Penetration: + 10%

9. SVD

Damage and increased armor penetration:

svd free fire

"The SVD was in a complicated position as it was very weak compared to the other Air Drop weapons. We added a damage multiplier to body shots and increased its armor penetration, so the SVD will become more consistent in relation to the damage. "

Body damage: + 50%
Armor Penetration: + 30%

10. M1887

Decreased Range and Minimal Damage!

m1887 free fire

"We took some action in relation to M1887, but clearly it was not enough. The M1887 was very unbalanced in relation to the other rifles, so we are withdrawing some of its strength. No need to worry, we will not reduce the minimal damage of this weapon. , so hitting two shots in a row at close range will remain deadly. "

Effective Range: -15%
Minimal damage: -2

11. M14

Damage range and Minimal Damage Reduction!

"The M14 was experiencing problems for long-distance confrontations due to the decrease of its damage over distance. We have increased the range of damage and minimal damage from M14 a little to improve its performance in long-distance confrontations."

Damage Range: 50-> 58
Minimal damage: 20-> 30

12. Ammunition

Adjusted the amount of ammunition available per cartridge!

"We realized that many players tend to carry a lot of SR / SG ammunition during battles because they are not able to be distributed between different carriers. We are reducing the amount of SR / SG ammunition per cartridge to make more space in the backpack."

SR 30 ammunition -> 20 per cartridge
SG 30 ammunition -> 20 per cartridge

13. Exchange of Active Skills

Available in the Character Menu!

alok free fire skill

"If even pets can do it, why not me?"

You asked and we answered! You can now equip active activities on other characters - as long as they don't have any active skills equipped. Remember: one active skill per character.

14. Skill Activation Icons

Available in all modes!

"One of the biggest complaints we received about the characters' abilities was that it is difficult to know when the ability was activated. We are adding this mechanism so that players can understand when their ability is activated."

Passive skill icons will glow when activated.

15. New Character - Wolfrahh

Available on Free Fire on June 3rd!

wolfrahh free fire

"Have you ever imagined a streamer without spectators?"

Center of attention: For each new spectator or slaughter: Damage received by shots to the head decreases {10/11/12/13/14/15}%, up to {25}%. Damage to enemy members increases by {15/16/17/18/19/20}%, up to {25}%.

16. New Pet - Falcon

Available on Free Fire soon!

free fire hawk

"Falcão arrived in the Free Fire universe. Take him with you to the battle and make sure your team is the first to arrive on the battlefield."

Flying Free: {15/30/45}% increase in gliding speed after jumping. {25/37/50}% increases the fall speed after the parachute opens. (the effects apply to the entire team).

17. Bomb Squad

Available from 06/13!

"The Bomb Squad received a lot of positive comments when it first launched. Players really enjoyed the additional goal that requires more complex strategies, but they did not like the limited weapons available so much. In this update, we are updating the Bomb Squad objectives. to make them more explicit - and we are replacing the weapon system with a similar one to the Contra Squad. "

Removed: Pre-defined weapon menu.
We added the system so that players can buy weapons.
We have improved the qualities of the icons of where the bombs are.
We add a summary at the end of each round.
The location of the pumps will be revealed as soon as it is planted.

18. Training Island

New areas and new items!

"Vehicles and gel walls are two of the most requested things to integrate the Training Island. We are adding both in this update after we opened a space in the Clube de Tiro."

Separation between the Shooting Club and the Combat Zone.
Vehicles added to the Training Island.
Gel walls added.
M82B added.

19. Equipped Emotes

We have increased the amount of emotes equipped per player!

"You asked and we heard!"

You can now equip up to 8 emotes.

20. Guild system

Available in all modes!

"A major problem with the guild system was the lack of effective management tools. Now guild leaders and moderators will have new administrative powers to make it easier for them to cope with the growth of their people."

21. New login rewards

Guilds can now add level and rank prerequisites for new members. Guild moderators will be able to do more than just accept new members or dissolve the guild .

Other changes

22. Improved interface for the message box.
23 We added a new facial expression for Kelly “Ventania”
24. In close combat modes, HP regeneration from EP will be increased
25. Optimization of the mechanism to equip emotes
26. Added option in settings to not be called to teams by people who are not your friends
27. When holding the fire button while reloading the weapon, it will automatically fire when it finishes reloading.
28. Adjusted rookie rewards.
29. Optimization of armor in the player interface
30. We added the option “Rotate 10 times” in the incubator.
31. We have added a warm-up period of 30 seconds for close combat mode.

Ufa! Comment there, what did you think of the news?


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