Free Fire January 2024 Update: See what changes in the OB43 Update Notes

The Free Fire update takes place this Wednesday, January 24, 2024 from 1:00 am.
Free Fire January 2024 Update: See what changes in the OB43 Update Notes

Ronny Rolim

Free Fire players have reason to celebrate in January 2024, with the arrival of the long-awaited OB43 update . With exciting new features and significant improvements to the game, the update promises to take the battle royale experience to a new level.

Now, Free Fire Mania , the largest independent Free Fire portal in the world, exclusively publishes the notes with all the changes that are about to arrive in Garena's Battle Royale. Additionally, the Free Fire January 2024 update , with version OB43.

Free Fire January 2024 update: find out everything that will change

Free Fire Update January 2024
Free Fire Update January 2024



Ryden Free Fire
Ryden Free Fire

Tech geek.

“As a 16-year-old genius boy, Ryden's skills and knowledge are far beyond his age. The child who was once looked after by her older sister Suzy is now conquering the battle arena. Your incredible work will be a solid foundation for him.”

Into the Spider's Web:

Releases explosive spiders that can be destroyed towards the target. Lasts 30 seconds. Press the skill button again within 10 seconds to stop the spider's movement. The spider will grab the first enemy it detects within 5 meters, reducing its movement speed by 80% and reducing 10 HP/s. The bleeding effect lasts 3 seconds. Waiting time: 75 seconds.


Sonia character is nerfed
Sonia character is nerfed

Not coming back to life.

“Sonia represents a bold shift in Free Fire, giving players an exciting opportunity to turn the tables and get back into the fight after suffering fatal damage - all through the incredible game of Survivors. We listen carefully to the opinions of players who question whether this mechanic is suitable for Free Fire. Even though several adjustments were made, Sonia did not fully meet the players' expectations. Therefore, in this update, we will remove the revive feature, but keep its ultimate damage action.”


After taking fatal damage, enters a no-damage phase and cannot move for 0.4 seconds. Then, get 50 HP on the shield for 3 → 2 seconds. If the user knocks down an enemy while the shield is active, recovers HP based on the remaining shield; otherwise, the user will be deleted. Ability users will still be eliminated when the shield disappears. Waiting time: 180 seconds.


Santino Free Fire

Have a stylish appearance and skills.

“Santino has a unique advantage in the form of teleportation he can utilize. However, it didn't really steal the show in battle, especially when compared to other active skills. We believe that this active and compelling skill should be given the chance to be put to good use. In this update, we've increased how often Santino can teleport, giving him a way to defeat his enemies with unparalleled style.”

Transport Dummy:

Spawns a 200 HP dummy that moves on its own for 12 seconds. When the dummy is 60m away, use this ability again to switch positions with the dummy. You can only change every 3 seconds and 2 times in total. Enemies that destroy the dummy will be marked for 5 seconds. Waiting time: 60 seconds.


Orion character in Free Fire
Orion character in Free Fire

Absolute Victory → Absolute Defense.

“Orion has become a great force on the battlefield, adept at both offense and defense, especially when facing multiple opponents. With the ability to shield itself from attacks as well as aggressively pursue enemies, Orion has become a difficult force to defeat. However, this also makes Orion a difficult challenge for many players. In this update, we've reduced Orion's pursuit ability by reducing his movement speed while the ability is active. This change aims to reposition Orion’s abilities to be more defense-oriented.”

Scarlet Wave:

EP will be replaced by 300 Scarlet Energy. Use 200 Scarlet Energy to activate protection, where you will not be able to take damage or attack enemies and will absorb 10 HP (ignoring Shield Points) from all enemies within 5m. Lasts 3 seconds, during which your speed will decrease by 20%. Waiting time: 3 seconds.


Ignis character in Free Fire
Ignis character in Free Fire

Let the fire burn brighter.

“Ignis' flames have several functions: they can block vision, destroy Ice Walls and damage enemies. However, with the fast-paced nature of the current combat, it has become a challenge to effectively utilize the Ignis' screen of fire to deter the enemy. To combat this, we have increased the size of the fire curtain and its effect, ensuring that the fire not only burns longer, but also more effectively disrupts enemy movement.”

Fire Wall:

Creates a 10 → 12 m wall of fire for 8 → 10 seconds (maximum deployment distance: 15m). Enemies and Ice Walls hit by the wall will be burned for 30 DMG, every second after that for 10 DMG, and will lose 10 → 20% armor durability. The burning effect lasts 2 seconds. Ice Wall will immediately receive 200 DMG and 200 DMG/second for 1 second. Waiting time: 70 → 60 seconds.


Homer on Free Fire
Homer on Free Fire

Hunt quickly!

“Lately, the combination of Dimitri's support, Orion's hand-to-hand dominance, and Tatsuya's agile movements has been a trend. But now, it's time to shake up the gameplay with a dominant new skill combination. Homer's drone ability has received a huge upgrade in this update - not only a wider blast range, but with a cooldown of just 60 seconds, he can hit the next enemy in an instant.”

Eyes of Argos:

Releases the drone towards the nearest enemy within 100 m, causing a pulsar explosion with a diameter of 4 → 5 m that reduces movement speed by 60 → 40 % and firing speed by 35 → 40 %. Lasts 5 seconds. Deals 25 DMG. Waiting time: 90 → 60 seconds.


Tatsuya Free Fire
Tatsuya Free Fire

Sprint is more tactical!

“Sudden attacks and quick attacks! We know that players often encounter Tatsuya attacks in Bermuda. Our goal for each character is that they can always find their role in Free Fire. After Tatsuya's latest buff, his strength and popularity have skyrocketed over the main characters. “In this update, we're toning things down a bit by limiting the number of Tatsuya's stackable skills. Now, Tatsuya players need to be more strategic and careful about when to use their abilities.”

Rebel Shot:

Run forward at high speed for 0.3 seconds. This ability can be stacked for up to 3 → 2 uses, with a cooldown of 1 second between each use. Waiting time: 45 seconds.


Antonio Free Fire

HP Shield Reduction.

“The Shani-Antonio duo has been creating a stir in Bermuda lately with their super shield. When players are faced with this combination of skills, they ask themselves: Why can't I beat them? A very strong shield can make players wrong when measuring the amount of damage they deal. In this update, we will balance Antonio's shield to keep gameplay fair and balanced.”

Gangster Spirit:

Get 40 → 30 extra shield points at the start of the match. Recovers shield points after surviving a fight.


Chrono Free Fire

The ruler returned.

“Chrono was once considered the strongest and to this day it still holds a special place in the hearts of many players. He has abilities that allow for a variety of strategic gameplay, but the long cooldown often makes it difficult to keep up with Free Fire's fast battle rhythm. We are optimistic that the shorter lead time will allow Chrono to regain its position.”

Tuned Shield:

Creates a force field that blocks 800 damage. It is not possible to attack enemies from the inside. All effects last 6 seconds. Cooldown time: 110 → 75 seconds.


The hard one to catch.

“Why doesn't using Orion's abilities slow down players? This is a question that has probably crossed many players' minds, and Wukong himself may also be confused about it. Thanks to Wukong's relentless rebellion, we decided to make some changes in the new update, removing the speed reduction from Wukong's ability and, in return, creating a speed reduction for Orion's ability.”


Transforms into a bush with a 5% reduction in movement speed, lasts 15 seconds. Waiting time: 200 seconds. The transformation stops when Wukong attacks. The skill's time is reset when Wukong defeats the enemy.

Other changes

  • The Kamir ability no longer resets the cooldown of Ford's ability.
  • The launch direction of the Alvaro Despertado ability will be optimized. The grenade shrapnel launch direction line has become thinner, making it easier for players to see the main launch direction line.
  • Mandrako's pet ability can now be used directly by accessing the map.
  • Homer's ability will not be hindered by objects in the game and will hit the enemy accurately when he locks onto the target.
  • Fixed an Iris skill damage bug when shooting through the Ice Wall.


Chaos Events

Chaos Event arrives at Free Fire
Chaos Event arrives at Free Fire

Choose your favorite mayhem events and watch them transform the battle arena! It's your choice!

“Make your choice in the Chaos event and see how your choice will change the battle in Battle Royale and Contra Squad” Let Chaos help you achieve victory!

Latest Chaos event:

  • Players can choose the desired “Chaos” event. The event with the highest number of votes will be activated in BR and CS mode.

Available Chaos events include:

  • Crashed Plane: Planes that enter the BR area will crash immediately, causing their flight direction to change.
  • Cyber ​​Mushroom: Some mushrooms in the map area will transform into special mushrooms that can provide various buffs.
  • Wrong location: Airdrops in BR and CS have undergone unusual changes.
  • New Power: The cooldown of the character's active skills is drastically reduced.
  • Armory Explosion: All doors in the Armory open automatically. Loot everything quickly!
  • New Inventory: Items in the vending machine are mysteriously replaced with various active skill cards, portals, etc.
  • Safe Zone Disruption: The first Safe Zone reduction will occur in an unusual location.
  • Carnival Mission: Completing missions during the match is now even easier!

A special event will be held in the game after viewing the voting results in each round of Chaos, and this special event will remain active until the end of the Chaos Event.

After the Chaos Event ends, Chaos may still occur in the match, so stay tuned!

Combat Feedback Optimization

Exciting new combat effects!

“New sound effects for consecutive eliminations, as well as new animations for headshots and winning Aces in CS rounds, are here to make the game even more exciting. A new ad when you do a clutch elimination will draw attention to you. Your special moment will be even more spectacular, it's time to show your best skills!"
  • Changed the sound effect when knocking down an enemy, with a tone that gets louder with more consecutive knockouts.
  • Added fire visual effects for headshot KO/elimination.
  • In Contra Squad, upon achieving an Ace, players will obtain a visual effect of fire on the character's body, which lasts until the end of the purchase time in the next round. Players will also have a fire effect on the player names in the team member list on the left.
  • If the player successfully performs an elimination when the player's HP is below 30, an announcement highlight of the last clutch elimination will appear.


NeXTerra map has been redesigned in Free Fire
NeXTerra map has been redesigned in Free Fire

Changes to NeXTerra

New Earth just got even more exciting!

“NeXTerra’s major renovation is finally complete and it’s truly a game changer! A new battle zone has appeared, featuring a variety of buildings spread throughout the area. The updated battle area provides a combat experience like no other, while the previously barren desert has now been given new life. Survivors, the urban terrain is ready and waiting for you. Enter the battle with everything you have!”


"We have increased the selection of parachute locations in NeXTerra to increase the fun of your game! Say goodbye to the old empty Zipline, now the Zipline has been completely transformed into a dense and modern industrial park. Get ready for a new and varied skydiving arena. battle this will take your battles to the next level!"
  • A new design and appearance structure has been implemented in the Tyrolean area. Additionally, there are more loot points in the Zipline area.
  • The zipline gameplay remains, so players can still quickly move around this area using the zipline.
  • This area will also be added to CS mode when the next Ranked CS season begins.


“At the Lab, we noticed that most battles in Contra Squad tended to take place near external stairs and high areas, resulting in somewhat predictable and monotonous gameplay. Players often followed the same routes, which meant many areas were underutilized. To provide a variety of tactics and add excitement, we have improved the internal layout of the Laboratory. Our goal is to provide players with more varied attack strategies and make the gameplay new and interesting.”
  • The height of the raised area has been reduced, which is now connected to the external stairs via a drop-off. Players are now more easily exposed to enemies from other locations if they are in this elevated area.
  • Removing part of the parapet from the elevated area and adjusting the connection between the parapet and the interior staircase. Players can no longer crouch and attack enemies by hiding behind walls.
  • Adjust the structure away from the high ground, making it taller and slightly closed.


“Maintaining balance at the Farm has been our main priority. We observed that in Contra Squad a disproportionate number of eliminations occur on the second floor and in areas with moving platforms. The difference between high ground and low ground is very clear. We want to ensure that players using melee weapons or maneuvering on the first floor are not unfairly restricted in their tactics. To address this, we’ve made adjustments to the internal layout to improve the overall combat experience.”
  • Several obstructions were removed at the end of the second floor.
  • Reduces the height and length of obstacles on moving platforms.
  • Added a new coverage area near the conveyor belt on the first floor and changed the coverage area in the middle of the conveyor belt section.


“The layout of the building ruins in the Ruins is very spread out, causing more distance to be covered for loot. To make the looting process easier, we’ve made several adjustments to buildings, transforming locations into more efficient loot spots in Battle Royale.”
  • Changed the distance between buildings, they are now closer together.
  • Organize the distribution of buildings to make the trip smoother.

Buildings in open areas are now more incorporated

“Previously, small houses were scattered around the outskirts of New Earth, forcing players to constantly be on the lookout for enemies that might be hiding inside as they moved from place to place. For this reason, we are reorganizing the suburban structure, opening up more open spaces and bringing scattered buildings closer together.”
  • Adjusted the layout of buildings in the external area around Farm structures.
  • Adjust the layout of buildings outside the Museum.
  • Adjusted the layout of the building in the external area between the Laboratory and Dock.
  • Adjusted the layout of the building in the external area to the left of the Plazaria.

Other changes to NeXTerra

  • Reduced the map download size and optimized several key performance features so that this map is more user-friendly to play on players' devices.
  • Optimized the direction and location of the houses near the 2 portals in Deca Square and added shelter on the path between them to the large building in the center to provide more varied movement directions for teams appearing near the 2 portals in Contra Squad mode.
  • Increased the number of buildings in Turbina.
  • Giving an official name to one of the favorite fighting areas - Boxing Gym.
  • Reduce the desert area on the right side of the map and replace the sand with grassland.
  • Change the structure of certain building roofs.
  • Changed the color of some lands and buildings.

Other Map changes

  • In Contra Squad, a tree was removed near the end of the warehouse in the Bermuda Hangar area to prevent it from becoming a sniper area that could disrupt the enemy team's movements early in the match.

Battle Royale

Vehicle Optimization

Vehicles will be optimized in the next Free Fire update
Vehicles will be optimized in the next Free Fire update

Good news for qualified drivers who love getting behind the wheel! Awesome vehicle update coming now!

“Hey reliable drivers, tired of having to abandon your vehicles because they are unreliable? We’ve updated and improved several vehicles so you can use them to their full potential.”
  • Truck : Now seats 4 people, with more HP and slightly increased collision damage.
  • Jeep : Speed, collision damage and HP increased.
  • Tuc Tuc : Acceleration has been drastically improved, speed has increased, and vehicle control is now better, as well as more HP.
  • Amphibious : Increases speed and HP.
  • Monster Car : Dramatically increased collision damage and HP, increased ability to crash into Ice Wall in quick succession, and increased acceleration and top speed.
  • Sports Car : More HP and slightly increased collision damage.
  • Motorcycle : Slightly reduced collision damage.
  • Optimized vehicle display when at low HP.
  • The minimap will display nearby vehicles and will be colored according to team members.

Other changes to Battle Royale

Battle Royale will remain balanced even if there is a Chaos event; Additionally, we are also introducing Vehicle Airdrop.

“Even though several Chaos events occur in Bermuda, we have implemented a number of adjustments to maintain game balance. Simultaneously, we launched Vehicle Airdrops, giving players the opportunity to randomly summon a Monster Car for a safe rotation.”
  • Optimized Loot : Now, when there are more than one loot boxes adjacent to each other, the items in those loot boxes will be automatically combined, so that players can more easily loot the items contained in them.
  • Displaying the map and plane direction in the cockpit : Now you can see the map and plane direction while waiting in the cockpit! You can select the delivery location and strategize with the team from the beginning!
  • New Airdrops Show Cars will appear around the map. After using this item, the Monster Car can be summoned to a location within 2 seconds. There will be at least one Airdrop Monster Car in the Blue Zone.
  • Energizer duration increases: 10 seconds → 30 seconds.

Contra Squad

CS Match Missions

Shock! Kelly brought In-Match Quest gameplay to Contra Squad.

”In-Match missions for Contra Squad are ready to launch on April 1st, alongside the start of the new Ranked CS season. We will implement the same gameplay as in Battle Royale. A quest will appear randomly, and when completed, an event will activate.”

In CS matches, random missions will appear. When the player completes this mission, the specified event will be activated. All missions and events will occur randomly.

Mission list:

  • Eliminate a certain number of players within a certain distance.
  • All players together use an item that has been determined several times.
  • All players have an SMG or Shotgun at the start of the round. (This quest will only trigger the “Safe Zone shrinks faster” event.)
  • All players together accumulate a certain number of headshots.
  • The match reaches a certain round (e.g. 7th round)

List of events:

Below are the events we have prepared. More event details will be released alongside the new Ranked CS season on April 1st, so stay tuned for developments!

  • The Safe Zone decreases faster. (Only activated by the quest “All players have an SMG or Shotgun at the start of the round.”)
  • Items in the CS store will change.
  • All players will receive an extra advanced item at the start of each round.
  • All players will receive buffs randomly.

Cancellation of purchases at CS stores

Players will be able to make refunds after purchasing at CS
Players will be able to make refunds after purchasing at CS

You no longer need to be afraid of making the wrong purchase at CS Store, as now you can cancel your purchase and receive your money back!

”Along with the new season of Ranked CS on February 1st, players will have the option to cancel purchases in the CS store. However, keep in mind that this feature does not apply to all items. For more details on this feature, please see the information below.”

Mechanism :

  • The system will record your purchases in order (Ex: Buy MP5, then Helmet Lv. 2 and then Vest Lv. 2)
  • You can click the cancel purchase button in the bottom left corner of the CS store. The system will cancel from the last item purchased. (In the example above, the system will cancel the purchase of the Vest Lv. 2, then the Helmet Lv. 2, and finally the MP5) and a notification will appear at the top of the screen if you cancel successfully.

It is worth remembering that it is only allowed to cancel purchases of items that are still in the backpack:

  • If you purchased the MP5, you can cancel this purchase.
  • If you buy an MP5 and then drop it on the floor, you will no longer be able to cancel the purchase.

Other changes to Contra Squad

  • We have optimized the money button on the CS store screen. Now pressing this button will provide the information of the money you have to your team members.
  • If you get a special match mode, there will be that information on the loading page.
  • Cyber ​​​​Airdrop will be temporarily removed from Contra Squad after the new CS Ranked season begins on February 1st. We will be updating for Airdrop gameplay, so stay tuned!

CS Store Changes :

  • The M1873 will be added to Contra Squad as a secondary weapon for the price of 400! Players can now dominate the first round with the M1873!
  • Bizon: 1300 → 1500
  • Thompson: 1400 → 1300
  • PARAFAL: 1500 → 1400
  • Vector: 2400 → 2200

Weapons and Balance


Free Fire Slingshot

“Even though the Slingshot has a very good rate of fire, its relatively low damage means that its users are at a disadvantage when facing enemies, which is why it is rarely used in BR and CS modes. Therefore, we decided to increase the damage and in the meantime slightly reduce the range to maintain the overall balance. We believe these adjustments will make the Slingshot an even more attractive weapon.”
  • Damage +7%
  • Range -10%


“A weapon with plenty of power and suitable for melee and long-range combat, but the G36 has never been a player favorite. That's why we've made some small improvements to the G36's Distance Mode. This versatile weapon will play a more significant role in the early rounds of CS mode!”
  • Damage +3%, Accuracy +5% (Ranged Mode)


M500 Free Fire

"The M500 used to be popular in the early rounds of CS mode, with its fun big headshot damage. However, players became reluctant to use it after the headshot damage was reduced. We believe that increasing it slightly and restoring M500 headshot damage, the first few rounds of CS mode will have interesting changes!"
  • Headshot damage +5%


“Among all the machine guns in Free Fire, the M60-III is the champion. Its high accuracy and damage make it really stand out, which affects the overall balance of the machine gun. to reduce the M60's maximum damage, reducing the amount of bonus damage gained from consecutive shots. This will ensure that the M60's power cap decreases, even if the weapon's base damage remains high.”
  • Max damage -10% (damage bonus 5 → 4 times)


"It is certain that the Trogon has surpassed all of its competitors. The large ammo capacity allows the Trogon to continuously deal high damage, which is unreasonable for a weapon that can be easily obtained. Adjustments to the Trogon will bring its performance back up to par. other standard shotguns, with reduced bullet capacity and damage.However, this typical weapon still has decent power.
  • Damage -7%
  • Cartridge 12 → 9



"The VSS is a unique weapon. Although the VSS-III has very good power, it is still difficult to use the VSS/VSS-I/VSS-II to compete with other weapons. Therefore, we decided to increase the base damage of the VSS so that players could make this early version of VSS a good choice.”

  • Rate of fire +10%

Loading changes

“Better balance, better gaming experience!”

BR Mode :

  • Airdrop Assist : Generates an airdrop at the specified location. The airdrop contains Lv weapons. 3. When the match starts, loading will enter a cooldown of 600 seconds → 400 seconds. Each kill will speed up 60 seconds and every 5 damage will speed up 1 second.
  • Secret tip : The chest will be marked on the map. Go there to get an Ice Chip, Launcher, 600 FF tokens and Lv 2 Armor, as well as other items. After opening a chest, a new chest will be marked.

CS Mode :

  • Airdrop Assistance : All your team members receive 300 → 400 CS money when a team member receives an airdrop. This effect cannot be stacked.
  • Token: Earn an additional 100 → 200 coins every time you eliminate an enemy.


Gladiator FF: Active Skill Duo

Try Gladiator FF's newest mode: Two Active Skills and use your skill combos to defeat the enemy!

“In addition to Ranked CS, Active Two Skills mode is now available in Gladiator FF. In this mode, you can use two active skills to fight, defeat the enemy and achieve victory!”
  • Before starting, players can choose 2 active skills they want to use.
  • The weapon selection and battle process after selecting an active skill will be the same as in normal Gladiator FF mode.
  • Stay tuned for official notifications about this mode's release schedule!

Other mode settings

  • The store in Gladiator FF has been completely updated, now you can choose weapons more suitable for battle in this version.
  • Now you can check your battle history at any time within the Training Grounds! Complete information such as number of kills, headshot rate and KD will be recorded so you can know your progress continuously!

Other optimizations

  • Eliminated players can now see more detailed information about damage received.
  • Added elimination countdown for downed friends.
  • When eliminated, players now simply press the surrender button instead of holding the button. When tapped, the player's shoot button will also change to a button to call for help from team members.
  • Increases the special effect on the HP bar when taking damage.
  • Players can now see the location of nearby War Chests on the minimap in BR mode.
  • Special marks will appear on the minimap when players mark interactive points, such as Revive Points or Vending Machines.
  • Improved the display of the NeXTerra and Bermuda minimap to be more HD.
  • Launcher Optimization to reduce waiting time for launch.
  • Optimized the zipline, reducing the interval and delay in use, and reducing the lag on the descent.
  • Laboratory in NeXTerra: Players no longer experience lag when jumping there.
  • Added launch point for launch weapon direction and increased launch accuracy.
  • Improved movement animation when shooting and jumping simultaneously to make it more realistic.
  • Added different color indicators for landmines. Landmines placed by friends will turn blue, while those placed by you and enemies will remain green.
  • When using the Mini UZI, a small number of SMG bullets will be automatically looted without the player needing to pick them up manually.
  • When using an upgradeable weapon (upgrade chip) and out of combat, the weapon will automatically be replaced with the same higher-tier weapon if it is available near the player.
  • Players can choose to show/hide team member names in matches in Settings.
  • Improves the performance and ease of control of the pull-to-sprint button. Sprint can now be activated by pulling the analog stick over shorter distances and over a wider area.
  • Improves performance and ease of control for racing. Players can activate running when jumping, so they can start running immediately upon landing.
  • USP will no longer be obtained automatically in CS mode.


Watch Friends System

New system for watching friends
New system for watching friends

The newest viewing system is here to capture your friends' epic moments!

“Previously, if you invited a friend who was still in a match, you could simply go to the Training Grounds to pass the time or play casual mode while you waited. But in this new version, you will have another great option – watch the match! With “watch friends in real time (live), you won't miss their epic moments. You can also send likes or emojis when you're impressed by their greatness!”
  • Added friend scouting system, where players above Lv. 10 can choose the friend they want to watch from the friends list. While watching, players can also request to schedule the next match with that friend, send likes and emojis, and copy their presets to use later.
  • To watch high-ranked friends' matches, you must first reach a certain level or rank.
  • Players can disable “allow friends to view” in Settings.

Weapon Glory Leaderboard Optimization

It's time to show off your Glory in Weapon title in the match!

”Show your title of Glory in Weapon to your friends and enemies and let them know the true master of the weapon!”
  • Players can indicate the Weapon Glory title they are using via the in-match instant message button.
  • Under some conditions during a match, the Weapon Glory icon will appear. Players can immediately tap the icon to immediately display their title.
  • In CS mode, when asking a friend to purchase a weapon, players can display that weapon's Weapon Glory title.


Finally, a place to collect all your orders!

“Do you like what's popular with gamers, or do you want to stock up on items you like but don't have the budget for? The wish list is here for you!
  • Players can add items they like to their wishlist and check them out later on their profile page.
  • Players can see detailed information about the outfits and weapon skins used by other players.
  • When wishlist items are available, players will receive a notification.

Guild Optimization

All for a better Guild system!

“After the release of the previous Guild system, we received a lot of suggestions and feedback from Survivors. Our team has addressed the top frequently reported issues and we hope everyone can continue to enjoy their time in your Guild!”
  • Added a Guild Honor display to the Guild Info page, where players can see their Guild Honor Title and memories of their past Guild Glory. (Only Guilds listed on the Guild Glory Leaderboard before yesterday's Guild Update will receive these Guild Glory memories)
  • Optimized the guild level progress bar so that guild members can clearly see whether they will level up in the guild next week.
  • Added Weekly Report, which will appear every Monday when Guild Activity is reset.
  • During Guild War, if you are in the Guild War team lobby, you can see live score reports from other Guild members who are playing Guild War!

Recruitment System Optimization

The latest recruitment system will help you get the right team members!

“The recruitment feature has always been a popular way to find suitable teammates. In this release, we've optimized several related features to help you find the right teammates more efficiently. We are sure you will love it!”
  • Optimizing the recruitment recommendation engine. The teams that best suit you will now be recommended in the Recruit menu.
  • On the other hand, the recruiting posts you make will be seen by the players who are the best fit for you.
  • Recruitment posts from teams that are complete/started matches will be removed from the channel.
  • Added Quick Join feature, allowing players to automatically join one of the teams on the draft list.
  • Added “Mic On” and “Bonus Map” as one of the recruitment resources.
  • Added team role as one of the recruitment filters.
  • The new recruitment system will be available on January 29th.

Offline order

Now you can leave messages for friends who are offline!

“Now you can leave messages for your friends even if they are offline. All Guild chats will also be saved while you are offline, so you don't have to worry about missing anything!”
  • Players can send messages to friends who are offline. Your friends will be able to see this message when they come back online.
  • Guild messages will be automatically saved when you are offline. You may see this message later when you are back online.
  • Offline messages can be stored for up to 1 week and will be deleted when they expire.
  • The system can store a maximum of 100 private messages and 500 Guild messages. When this limit is reached, the oldest messages will be deleted first.

Custom HUD Optimization

More precise settings so you can place the buttons wherever you want!

“With the variety of new content added to the game, we found that the old custom buttons could barely meet the growing need for different settings. Therefore, we have optimized the HUD custom feature to allow for more precise settings and more space for multiple buttons.”
  • The HUD control panel can now be hidden to create more free space for placing buttons and other HUD elements.
  • High-precision analog has been added to the control panel so you can position buttons much more precisely.


Special Ranked Prizes

Play one more ranked match and you might win a special prize!

”After playing several BR/CS ranked matches in a row, you will be able to win prizes in special missions. Complete the match again to get it.”

  • Players only need to complete 1 more BR/CS ranked match to complete this special mission.
  • Players can get extra rating points or protection points by completing missions within the given time.

Friends Patent Table Announcement

I passed you on the leaderboard!

“After finishing the match and returning to the lobby, when you rank up you will receive a notification of your rank among your friends.”
  • Notifications will appear when players rank up as friends.
  • The notification will display the player's current rank, how much they have climbed in rank, and how many friends they have surpassed.
  • If multiple friends have the same rank, the notification will display the friend you are most familiar with first.

Countdown to season change

Get ready for the next ranking season!

“To help players remember the start schedule for the next ranked season, a countdown to the start of the new season will appear.”
  • Players can see a detailed countdown to the next season when the season changes.

Game environment

System Optimization Report

Now you can report suspicious players while watching your team members.

“We’ve optimized the reporting system in spectator mode after players are eliminated, so you can easily report suspicious players.”
  • If there are members of your team who are still alive after you are eliminated, you can report the enemy who eliminated you more easily while they are still in sight of the team member.

Other changes

  • When a player achieves a new rank, the next rank will appear on the Ranks screen. Tap this icon to check the points/stars that need to be collected to reach the next rank.
  • When inappropriate player actions are detected, they will NOT receive gold, pet/character XP, or match completion rewards.
  • In Ranked CS mode, when a cheater is detected, the match will be counted as invalid. Both teams will not gain/lose stars, and the team that has no cheaters will receive extra protection points.
  • If the duration of a Ranked CS match is too short, the match will be considered invalid and the winning team will not receive a star.
  • Public multiplayer voice channels are now available in Custom Rooms, so players can communicate with other players outside of their team.
  • To display their backpack collection in the Store, players no longer need to switch to preview mode every time they want to try out a new backpack. Players simply select the backpack they want and the backpack will immediately appear on the character's back.
  • If a suspicious login is detected, players will receive a warning when they log in with the device they typically use.

Finally, the Free Fire update goes live from 1am this Wednesday, January 24, 2024 and, as happened in previous editions, there should be no maintenance breaks. To learn more about how to update Free Fire, visit: update maintenance procedure .