5 most popular Free Fire skins: Cobra, Criminal and more

Some of the most popular Free Fire skins to date and that for years remain in the hype
5 most popular Free Fire skins: Cobra, Criminal and more

Ronny Rolim

Garena 's flagship Battle Royale, Free Fire , arrives with new and exclusive skin cosmetics through various in-game events on a regular basis. Among the various packages available, some are always in the spotlight. Players love to wear flamboyant, multicolored costumes with a stand-out edge.

Of the set of attractive packs added to the game, only a few managed to win the hearts of players. Therefore, there are a considerable number of users who want to acquire such distinctive packages at any cost, portraying its incredible popularity in the community.

Players can access the following section to learn about some of the most popular Free Fire skins to date.

Top 5 Free Fire skins including Cobra, Criminal and more

5) snake

Skin Cobra no Free Fire
It's a legendary package that comes in multiple color options.
  • Event : Cobra Initiative

The Cobra skin is one of Free Fire 's “ Legendary ” packs. With a total of four color variants, red, yellow, blue and purple, the Cobra pack is customizable according to the players' desire. The costume was unveiled at the Cobra Initiative (Legendary Royale) event in February 2021.

Now, Hairstyle is the most requested part of this legendary pack and arguably the only reason for its popularity in the Free Fire community.

The package contains:

  • Cobra Rage (Head)
  • Cobra Rage (Mask)
  • Cobra Rage (Shirt)
  • Cobra Rage (Pants)
  • Cobra Rage (Shoes)

Note: Each part is customizable from the color aspect.

4) Zombified Samurai

zombified samurai
Zombified Samurai is also one of the rarest packs
  • Event : Prized Spells

One of the oldest, the Zumbified Samurai skin, arrived at Free Fire through the Awarded Magics event in May 2019 for the first time.

Although the mask is a famous piece, the bottoms are not as widely used. Thus, players can try on various costume pieces from other skins to be individualized in a group of Samurai Zombie users.

The package contains:

  • Zombified Samurai (Mask/Head)
  • Zombified Samurai (Top)
  • Zombified Samurai (bottom)
  • Zombified Samurai (Shoes)

3) Hip-hop

Hip Hop Free Fire
The Hip Hop pack is the most popular Elite Pass skin
  • Event : Season 2 Elite Pass

The Hip Hop pack is one of the oldest and rarest skins in Free Fire . It is still in high demand, but the developers have not yet returned to the Brazilian server. The costume arrived in the Season 2 Elite Pass in June 2018. The entire ensemble of the pack, especially the hip-hop vibe it portrays properly, is highly appreciated by players.

The package contains:

  • Hip Hop (head)
  • Hip Hop (Top)
  • Hip Hop (bottom)
  • Hip Hop (shoes)

2) Arctic Blue

Arctic Blue Free Fire
The Arctic Blue skin has returned several times

One of the oldest masterpieces, the Arctic Blue pack, was first seen in Diamond Royale in February 2019. While it has returned to the game multiple times at various events, its popularity and demand is still up in the air.

One of their comeback events, Puppet Incubator , arrived with its various variants in addition to its female versions as well.

The package contains:

  • Arctic Blue (Head)
  • Arctic Blue (Mask)
  • Arctic Blue (top)
  • Arctic Blue (bottom)
  • Arctic Blue (Shoes)

1) Top Criminal

Top Criminal Free Fire
Top Criminal in Free Fire
  • Event : Lucky Draw

The Top Criminal skin is a set of five outfits, each differing slightly in appearance and entirely in color. The four forms, red, yellow, purple and blue, were introduced to the Top Criminal Incubator in January 2019. But previously, a green variant was also introduced to players via the Luck Draw event.

Top Criminal Incubator
Top Criminal Incubator

All bundle packs have a separate fan base. However, the green Top Criminal lost its rarity to some extent when it returned to Free Fire in August 2021.

The package contains:

  • Each package must be used all at once as it is not split into parts.

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