5 best Free Fire characters with active skills [April 2022]

Characters can be found with two types of abilities: passive and active.
5 best Free Fire characters with active skills [April 2022]

Ronny Rolim

In Garena 's Battle Royale, Free Fire , players need a tactical mindset to survive to the end and gain victory (Booyah). Here, the unique abilities of Free Fire characters play a significant role. Each has the aptitude to help players stay alive in a given situation.

Characters can be found with two types of abilities: passive and active. The former acts throughout the entire battle , while the latter needs to be activated to use at a specific time. As players can only equip one active skill, they must choose such characters considering their suitability according to tactics and playstyles.

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Free Fire: best characters with active skills to get timely help in battle

5. Alok

Alok Free Fire

  • Ability : Sound in the Box

With a cooldown of 45 seconds, Alok 's " Sound in the Box " skill creates a 5 meter aura that increases movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP per second for 10 seconds. It should be noted that similar effects do not stack.

Since the release of Alok , he has been a fan-favorite character in Free Fire. Rushers can use their ability to dodge opponents with ease.

4. A124

  • Ability : Battle Emotion

After the OB33 update (March 2022), A124 arrived in Battle Royale with a completely reworked skill. His enhanced skill, "Emotion of Battle", releases an 8-meter electromagnetic wave that disables enemies' skill activation and stops their interaction countdown. The effects only last for 30 seconds. However, it can be used again every 50 seconds.

A124 could bring a new meta to support if players start using his skill to a greater extent. It is best suited for tactical gameplay.

3. Skyler

Skyler Free Fire

  • Skill : Breaker

When activated, Skyler 's "Breaker" ability releases a sonic wave that can shatter up to five Walls of Gel within a range of 100 meters. It also acts passively, in which the user restores 9 HP for each Gel implanted.

Players should remember that the recovery effect does not stack. The wait time is 45 seconds. Skyler is the only Free Fire character that also acts as a passive skill. It is the best character for unlimited ammo custom rooms as the user will never run out of HP when deploying multiple ice walls .

2. Kamir

Kamir Free Fire

  • Ability : Teacher's Lesson

Once equipped, Kamir increases the users max EP by 50. Subsequently, he performs in two distinct modes: Jiu-jitsu and Psychological . When the former is active, allies within 6 meters get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate, while in the latter, users recover 3 EP every second up to 250 EP.

The most fascinating element of its skill is its very low mode switch time. ie only 3 seconds. It can be useful in ranking and survival gameplay.

1. Wukong

Wukong Free Fire

  • Ability : Camouflage

With a very long cooldown of 200 seconds, Wukong transforms into a bush with a 20% movement speed reduction. The effect only lasts for 15 seconds. While in the thicket state, the enemy's default aim does not work for the user. Meanwhile, the transformation ends when users attack enemies.

The unique thing about Wukong’s “ Camouflage ” skill is that the cooldown resets when the user takes down an enemy. Here, users do not need to confirm the kill. Wukong is best known for his claws in combat. It is possible to handle a 1x4 situation comfortably. On the other hand, Wukong, as an enemy, often becomes invincible.

Note: The skills of the Free Fire characters described are at their maximum level.