Free Fire Update October2023: See what changes in the OB42 Update Notes

The Free Fire update takes place this Tuesday, October 31, 2023 from 1:00 am
Free Fire Update October2023: See what changes in the OB42 Update Notes

Ronny Rolim

Free Fire players have reason to celebrate in October 2023, with the arrival of the long-awaited OB42 update . With exciting new features and significant improvements to the game, the update promises to take the battle royale experience to a new level.

Now, Free Fire Mania , the largest independent Free Fire portal in the world, exclusively publishes the notes with all the changes that are about to arrive in Garena's Battle Royale. Additionally, the Free Fire October 2023 update , with version OB42.

Free Fire Update October 2023: find out everything that will change

Free Fire October 2023 Update Notes
Free Fire October 2023 Update Notes

Battle Royale (BR)

Economic Adjustment

More coins, more resources, more exciting battles!

“Thanks to the new Token Machine and multiple ways to get coins, it's never been easier to get the FF Tokens you need to buy supplies or revive your teammates. Now you can say goodbye to the days of struggling to loot coins or watching everything get snatched up by your teammates.”
New Chip Machine in Free Fire
New Chip Machine in Free Fire
  • New source of FF Tokens: Token Machine
    • Appears in fixed locations on maps and is marked on the minimap.
    • Upon approaching the Chip Machine, each team member will automatically receive 200 FF Chips.
    • Interacted Chip Machines cannot be used again by teammates.
    • The Chip Machines that were interacted with can still be used again by players on other teams.
  • Get 100 FF Tokens when eliminating an enemy.
  • Adjustment to FF Chips after they are eliminated:
    • Only drop 40% of the FF Chips you own when you are eliminated.
    • If you are revived, you will retain 30% of your previous FF Tokens, up to a maximum of 300 FF Tokens.

New items

New Free Fire items
New Free Fire items

A huge amount of new items have just been added! Use these new and exciting items to secure your way to an epic victory!

“The all-new Battle Royale Battleground will soon be graced with the addition of the Active Skill Card, Portal, Mini Turret and other exciting new items. Obtain or purchase these items to enhance your combat and mobility skills, paving the way for a smoother path to Booyah!”
  • New item type: Device
    • You can only equip one device at a time.
    • The currently equipped device will be automatically discarded after purchasing a new device.
  • New Device: Active Skill Card
    • Provides a second active ability that matches the character on the card.
    • Each ability card can only be used once.
    • You can only equip one active ability card at a time.
    • The characters whose active skills will be available are: Evelyn, Chrono, Homer, Alok, Kenta, Steffie, A124 and Skyler.
    • If you are already equipped with the same active ability as the card you are about to loot, you will not be able to pick it up.
  • New device: Portal
    • Place a portal to link the current location to the target location.
    • Interacting with the portal will instantly transport you to the target location, with a 3s cooldown between each teleport.
    • Both enemies and teammates can use the portal to teleport.
    • There will be a light effect indicating the starting and ending points of the portal.
    • The portal cannot be destroyed and will continue to exist.
    • The portal height limit is 20m. Players cannot place a portal at a location more than 20 meters above them.
  • New item: Energy
    • It takes 2s to consume, after which it provides buff effects that last 10s.
    • Buff effects include: recover 5 HP/s, increase accuracy by 5%, and increase movement speed by 10%.
    • Can be used while running.
  • New item: Mini Turret
    • Place a Mini Turret at the target location to attack enemies. A maximum of 2 Mini Turrets can be used.
    • The Mini Turret will mark enemies when attacking.
    • Mini Turret DMG: 20, rate of fire: 0.5s, attack range: 30m, HP: 200.
    • A Mini Turret lasts 120s. If you move more than 30m away from the Mini Turret, it will become inactive after 5s; the tower will be automatically destroyed 5s after becoming inactive.
    • Stay tuned for the Mini Turret release date in future announcements.
  • New item: Healing Drone
    • Deploy a Healing Drone that continually heals you and your teammates. The Healing Drone will continue to fly in the direction you were facing at the time of deployment.
    • Healing rate: 20HP/s, duration: 12s, flying distance: 10m, healing radius: 5m, HP: 100.
    • Stay tuned for the Healing Drone release date in future announcements.
  • New Gel Mason attachments
    • 3 new accessories to enhance your Gel Mason
      • Gel Duration: Increases Gel Wall durability by 200.
      • Gel Box: Increases the maximum number of Ice Walls you can carry by 4.
      • Gel Accelerator: Gel Wall generation speed +30%.

BR changing safe zone

An unknown hacker rewrote the Safe Zone's code, triggering a change. Dive into this even more exciting mobile battle!

“Some enemies always resort to hiding behind buildings and Ice Walls, relying on luck to survive until the end and have a chance at victory. But now, the Safe Zone is on the move. It's time to take down these fleeing enemies! Only high-level shooting skills and the clever use of Ice Walls can guarantee your survival until the end.”
  • Only available in Squad mode for Battle Royale Casual/Ranked/Rooms.
  • When the Safe Zone shrinks to the fourth stage, it will move a certain distance before shrinking further to the fifth stage. (The third stage of NeXTerra.)
  • Stay tuned for opening times in future in-game announcements.

Debuff outside the zone

The area outside the Safe Zone has become more dangerous, so be careful how much time you spend there!

“The area outside the Safe Zone has always been dangerous. True warriors don't survive just by hiding until the end. Take your weapon and go to the Safe Zone!”
  • Every 10 seconds spent outside the Safe Zone will grant you a layer of debuff that reduces your healing effect by 5%. This reduction accumulates with each tier acquired. The maximum stack limit is 6 layers, which results in a maximum healing reduction of 30%.
  • The debuff will be removed 5s after entering the Safe Zone.

Other adjustments

With the introduction of economic tuning and new items, the Battle Royale's revamped combat field should also offer some intriguing improvements to the overall experience.

“With a variety of powerful new items and the launch of Chip Machines, we are also fine-tuning supplies and store offerings in Battle Royale. Additionally, War Chests are full of new surprises. So come explore the completely revamped Battle Royale battlefield!”
  • Land Loot Adjustments:
  • New item dropped: Energy.
  • Removed stack drop of 100 and 300 FF Tokens. 500 stacks of FF Tokens remain.
  • Reduced Lv drop rate. 3 Helmet and Lv. 3 Collect at 20% for areas outside the blue zone, and your locations will be more spread out.
  • Reduced the drop rate of Chaves do Barracão by 50%.
  • Removed Lv drop. 1 backpack. Players will now spawn with a Lv. 1 backpack.
  • In Squad mode, airdrop vending machines will now drop 60s sooner and the drop amount will be increased by 1.
  • Airdrops will now drop 100s earlier and the drop amount will be increased by 1.
  • FF Tokens will no longer be available in armories.
  • Blue Zone Loot Adjustments:
    • 2 active ability cards are discarded.
    • Reduced the drop rate of 40mmSR by 50%.
    • Increased the amount of stacks of 500 FF Tokens in the blue zone.
    • Biggest drop in Energy.
  • Vending machine adjustments:
  • 2 active skill cards are available for sale. During the first 2 weeks (after the version update - November 17th), the skill cards for sale are Evelyn's skill, priced at 300 FF Tokens, and Chrono's skill, priced at 500 FF Tokens. Keep an eye out for other new ability cards to be sold.
  • A new item will go on sale the first week after update day: Portal, priced at 800 FF Coins, with a purchase limit of 2 per match. Keep an eye out for other new items on sale.
  • Replaced the sale of Inhalers with Super Meds, priced at 100 FF Tokens. Adjusted the price of Lv. 3 Collect 300 to 400 FF Tokens and the price of Lv. 3 Helmets with 200 to 300 FF Tokens.
  • The Info Box will be on sale for a limited time of 600 and a purchase limit of 1 per player.
  • Revive Cards will have a purchase time limit of 420s.
  • Solo Challenge will have a purchase time limit of 600s.
  • Airdrop Vending Machine Settings:
    • Removed the sale of Revive Cards.
    • Adjusted the price of Super Revivers from 500 to 400 FF Tokens.
    • A new item will go on sale the first week after update day: Portal, priced at 800 FF Tokens, with a purchase limit of 1 per player. Keep an eye out for other new items on sale.
    • The launch pads are now available for sale, priced at 600 FF Tokens, with a purchase limit of 1.
    • Upgraded the M249 to M249-X, priced at 600 FF Tokens.
    • Free active skill cards are available. The Chrono Skill Card is available in the first week, with a purchase limit of 1.
    • Adjusted free weapons for SKS and MP5-II.
  • Airdrop Adjustments:
    • Removed the availability of Jammers and UAV-Lites.
    • Added stacks of 500 FF Tokens.
  • Defense Airdrop Adjustments:
    • Second step: Update chips removed, Gloo chips added.
    • Third stage: Horizalines replaced by Portals, upgrade chips removed.
  • War Chest Adjustments:
    • Removed FF tokens from war chests.
    • Small chance to obtain special items, including active skill cards, gadget items, and launch pads.
  • Other adjustments:
  • The respawn point after respawning for Solo mode has been adjusted to a random area within the 100m radius centered on the kill location.
  • Significantly reduced the likelihood of the In-Match Quest event being a vending machine sale.
  • Information boxes and armor upgrade boxes removed from the ground.
  • Aircraft removed.
  • Performance Optimization Solo Challenge
    • Added a progress bar and special effects for teammates eliminated from the challenging Solo Challenge.
    • Added special minimap effects and battle interface for the challenging Solo Challenge.
    • Added special effects to the Solo Challenge challenger's loot box if he was hunted.

Contra Squad (CS)

New CS Special Mode: The Epic Battle

Release time (new CS ranked season: 12/01/2023)

Experience the thrill of multiple battle styles with our new special mode!

“We present The Epic Battle, where you have the freedom to explore and participate in different battle styles. As you progress and level up, you will unlock a wide range of skills. These powerful tools allow you to destroy your enemy's Ice Walls, increase your HP limit, or even reload ammo at lightning speed, resulting in an exhilarating and unparalleled experience. Additionally, to ensure a smoother journey, you will have two opportunities to avoid star deductions, safeguarding your progress and allowing you to climb the ranks more effectively in Ranked CS!”


  • You can experience this gameplay in CS-Ranked special mode and you will have two chances for CS-Ranked protection.
  • When entering a match, you must first choose a battle style. Different styles will have different constructions:
    • Megabolt:
      • Lv. 1 skill: Faster EP conversion while running.
      • Lv. Skill 2: Receive a Tatsuya active skill card.
      • Lv. Ability 3: Show enemy location if a knockdown occurs nearby.
      • Lv. Ability 4: Increased reload speed.
    • Demolitionist:
      • Lv. 1 skill: Skill: Ice Wall Detonation (Generate a frozen flash-like area after destroying an Ice Wall or knocking down an enemy).
      • Lv. Skill 2: Receive a Skylar active skill card.
      • Lv. Ability 3: Get a Flash Freeze.
      • Lv. Skill 4: Increased damage to Ice Walls.
    • Lord Protector:
      • Lv. 1 skill: +35 HP.
      • Lv. Skill 2: Receive a Chrono Active skill card.
      • Lv. Skill 3: Every 60 years, get a shield that can block bullets.
      • Lv. Skill 4: Get a Lv. 4 vest.
  • In this mode, kills/assists/assists will earn you EXP. Accumulate EXP points to level up and obtain corresponding items and skills. You can level up to a maximum of Lv. 4.
  • Reaching Lv. 4, the player will become an Ultimate Warrior. Ultimate Warriors will have special effects at the start of each round and unique sound effects when eliminating other players.
  • Eliminating an Ultimate Warrior will trigger a special power-off sound effect. Eliminating higher level players will earn you extra CS Cash.
  • Note: If your equipped skills match those provided by your chosen battle style, you will receive the following skill cards:
    • Equipped Tatsuya's skill and selected the Megabolt battle style: receive Alok's Skill Card.
    • Equipped the Chrono skill and selected the Warding Lord battle style: receive the Skill Card from Steffie.
    • Equipped Skylar's skill and selected the Demolitionist battle style: receive Homer's Skill Card.

Other CS tweaks

  • Optimized the delayed appearance of the teleport button in the Deca Square area of ​​NeXTerra. Now, as players approach the portal, the teleport button will immediately appear.

Guild System Renovation

Guild System 2.0 in Free Fire
Guild System 2.0 in Free Fire

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited overhaul of the guild system is finally here! But before we dive into the new features, we wanted to share why we decided to make these changes. Our main goal is to ensure that your standout Free Fire moments are seen by a wider audience. To achieve this, we've introduced new Guild Highlights and Guild News features. We also wanted to ensure that your contributions to the guild's growth were recognized, so we reworked the guild level system to better reflect your guild's current level of activity. And let's not forget the exciting Guild Wars, where you'll have the chance to face off against players from other guilds for regional Guild Glory titles. We can't wait for you to try these updates!

Guild activity system

There is nothing more rewarding than developing a guild with your friends.

“We recognize that, as a vital part of a guild, the current guild level may not accurately represent the guild's level of activity. That's why, in this update, we've introduced a dynamic leveling system that adjusts your guild's activity level weekly, based on your guild's current activity points. And don't worry: earning activity points is very easy! All you have to do is join your guildmates for a match and you will see your points increase.”

Guild Level System:

  • Guild level has been changed to dynamic, based on activity points earned by guild members during the past week.
  • To maintain the current level, guilds of different levels will have corresponding activity points deducted each week.
  • Guild Upgrade: The total guild activity points after deducting maintenance points exceeds the activity points required for the next level.
  • Guild Downgrade: The guild's total activity points after deducting maintenance points is less than the minimum required for the current level.
  • Settlement time is 4am every Monday.

Activity system:

  • Join guildmates to play matches and complete daily quests to earn activity points.
  • Play with guild veterans to earn extra activity points.
  • Participate in Guild Wars to earn extra bonus Activity Points.
  • Guild Activity Reward: Once the guild's cumulative weekly Activity Points reach a certain value, new Guild Tokens can be claimed.
  • My Activity Reward: When an individual's cumulative weekly Activity Points reach a certain value, new Guild Tokens can be claimed.

Guild Token and Guild Shop:

New 4-seater hangglider
New 4-seater hangglider
  • Guild Tokens can be exchanged for items in the new Guild Shop.
  • All items in the Guild Shop are purchased with Guild Tokens.
  • Items in the Guild Store will be unlocked based on guild level. The higher the guild level, the more types of items can be purchased.

A new guild activity scoreboard has been added. Rankings are based on the total activity points earned by the guild over the past week.

Guild Interaction Feature

Hello Super Star!

“A guild's home page is the face of a guild and it is essential that it is interactive! We've introduced a new Guild News feature on the homepage to highlight recent Star Member achievements and share other members' activities. Check out! Kelly and Andrew joined forces and scored two consecutive Booyahs in the Battle Royale! Let’s give them a round of applause!”
  • A new Guild News entry has been added to the top left corner of the Guild home page.
  • Guild News will display significant achievements gained by guild members this week, such as a guild member reaching a certain rank or new members joining.
  • You can react to Guild News information with emoticons.
  • A new featured section has been added to the top of Guild News, showing the guild members with the highest current rank and longest winning streak.

Guild Wars

Competition! Strength! Honor!

“Along with our recent guild revamp, we’re excited to introduce a new feature: Guild Wars. Gather your guildmates on Saturday nights to compete against other guilds and aim for first place on the Guild Wars leaderboard, a true symbol of power and honor. At the end of each season, the guilds and their members with the highest total scores will receive a grand mystery prize! So, let’s get ready and fight our way to the top!”

Guild War Rules:

  • Guild War is conducted in Battle Royale mode and can only be combined when all team members are from the same guild.
  • Guild Wars matchmaking is based on guild strength and will only match teams with other guilds.
  • Players will earn Guild Wars scores based on their ranks and eliminations in Guild Wars matches.

Punctuation rules

  • Each version update is a new season of Guild Wars, with one open round per week.
  • Players can participate in unlimited Guild Wars matches in each round, but only the 5 highest scores will be counted towards the guild's total score.
  • After each round, rankings will be based on the cumulative total scores from all previous rounds.
  • Every week, guilds will be ranked based on weekly Guild War rankings and guild members will be rewarded with weekly Guild Glory Titles.
  • At the end of the season, guilds on the Guild Wars regional leaderboard will receive mysterious rewards after the next version update.
  • Season schedule: 2023/11/04 to 2024/01/20.

Optimizations to guild setup and membership

No matter how rich and engaging the guild content is, we must not forget the basic user experience.

“For players, a guild is much more than just a meeting place for online players. It's a place where you can play, grow and make new friends. That's why we've streamlined the guild setup and joining process, making it easier for you to connect with other Free Fire enthusiasts. And to mark the launch of our new guild system, we've created a series of exciting new guild icons. Come and check it out!”
  • Optimized the guild search page and added filter logic. The guilds your friends are in will be recommended first.
  • You can now invite another friend to join your guild, even if you are not the guild leader (but approval from guild admins is still required).
  • Added several guild icons that will be unlocked with guild level progression.
  • New guild icon decoration: icon frame. The icon frame style will be unlocked and updated with the guild level.
  • Now you can set the guild location.
  • Added guild tags. You can now filter guilds that meet your needs based on these tags on the search page
  • Optimized the guild member management page, which will now display more detailed information.


Zombie Invasion Optimization

Arsenals, war chests, dual active abilities and more mechanics added!

“The updated Zombie Invasion mode is back and better than ever! We have integrated the acclaimed Double Active Skill, Shed and War Chest mechanics. Additionally, we have increased the maximum player level limit!”
  • Players can now equip a second active ability.
  • The player level cap has been increased to 15.
  • Added the Shed mechanism.
  • Added BR war chests.
  • Removed air attacks.
  • Adjusted the pace of Safe Zone reduction.

Gladiators FF Optimization

The same competitive brawling you love, now even fairer with more weapons added to the mix!

“Get ready for a more even fight! The new version of Gladiadores FF is back, optimized for fair matches. Grab your weapon and dive into another exciting fight with evenly matched opponents.”
  • Optimized and improved matchmaking fairness. Players can now face opponents of similar skill levels more easily.
  • Updated the weapon shop. Now you and your enemy can choose from a wide range of weapons.
  • Optimized the default matchmaking team size for Duo.


Bermuda covered in snow

Bermuda map with snow in Free Fire
Bermuda map with snow in Free Fire


The snow scene you've been waiting for is really coming!

“The Bermuda classic has become more exciting than ever! As snow falls across the map, the roofs of buildings become filled with accumulated snow, and trees and grass become beautifully adorned in white. You can see traces of snow all over the ground, but don't worry about visibility this time - you can still clearly spot enemies in the distance. We are confident that the icy setting will create the perfect mood for our incredible snow-themed map.”
  • All trees and grass on the map are covered in snow, except for tropical trees.
  • Almost half of the ground is covered in snow.
  • Added layers of snow on rooftops, with more on Peak.
  • Added gentle snowfall on Peak.

Frozen Lakes

We hope you don't feel too cold as all the water has frozen!

“The water surfaces on the map have turned into frozen ice, allowing you to run freely and enjoy a new battle experience. Find your own way to take advantage of the icy rocks and icy soils in your fights against enemies!”
  • The water surfaces in Rim Nam Village, Nurek Dam, Sentosa, etc. are all frozen.
  • Added some ice rocks to frozen water surfaces.

Map balance adjustment


It's time to explore Peak and discover surprising details!

“We discovered some memes and comments about the new Peak area, so we added more details and addressed the issues in this patch to make Peak more interesting to fight in.”
  • The maison's roof was transformed into a sunken area 1.8 m deep.
  • Optimized the look of the broken staircase.
  • Added surprise rooms hidden on the 2nd floor of the maison. You can find your way in through the stairs.
  • Optimized the number of airdrops on Peak.
  • Added water to the pool, which will be frozen in this patch.
  • Added vehicles to the parking lot.


Small tweaks for big balance improvements!

“We noticed a difference in win rate between the two spawn points in the Hangar area of ​​Contra Squad mode, so we immediately made optimizations. We certainly want to ensure that both teams have equal advantages at the start of the match!”
  • Slightly adjusted the position of the 2 blue containers on each side.
  • I moved both stairs from the side room to the middle ledge.

Characters and Pets


Ignis is the new character in Free Fire
Ignis is the new character in Free Fire

City hero.

“Meet Ignis, a normal high school boy by day and a city hero and crime fighter by night. He uses his superpowers to fight crime and help people in many unexpected situations. He would deserve more praise and support if he could mature a little more. Ignis' control over his superpowers is still unstable, often causing unforeseen problems when performing good deeds.”


Ignis' ability is to create a " Wall of Fire " that extends 10 meters and lasts for 8 seconds. This feature activates 15 meters in front of the user, allowing Ignis to block strategic passages, defend allies or surprise his opponents.

The impact of the "Paredão de Fogo" is not limited to its obstruction capacity. Opponents who dare to surpass him will suffer the terrible effect of "Combustion" . This combustion deals immediate damage of 30 points, followed by ongoing damage of 10 points per second, which lasts for 2 seconds. Additionally, those who defy Ignis' fire will also lose 10% durability to their armor , making him a fearsome opponent in any confrontation.

Ignis Free Fire Skill
Ignis Free Fire Skill

Character rework


Nikita Free Fire

Crush your enemy in one fell swoop without giving him a chance to catch his breath.

“Maxim, Dimitri, Olivia… There are now many characters with skills that can help players recover HP. In this patch, they will face their nightmare. Nikita, in addition to increasing her reload speed, can also inflict a healing reduction effect on enemies, decreasing the effectiveness of their healing, and dealing them a fatal blow.”


Reload speed increases by 20%. Each time the skill user hits an enemy, the target will receive a 30% healing deduction that lasts 10s (maximum deduction: 30%).


Joseph Free Fire

The power of money.

“Joseph spent a fortune on his new custom ability, which not only increases his movement speed but also makes him immune to Moco's tag, Homer's drone, and A124's nano interference.”

Nutty Movement:

Become immune to disruptive effects (e.g. slow, marking, skill silencing) and have a 10% increase in movement speed for 5s. Recharge: 60s.


Jai Free Fire

With the rapid advancement of Bermuda's technology, Jai's Microchip recharging ability has also been improved.

“With the improvement of Jai's Microchip reload abilities, in addition to gaining more recharges, players can also automatically reload their weapon's bullets after using their active abilities. This gives you an advantage in today’s fiercely competitive battlefield.”

Furious Reload:

After downing an enemy or using an active skill, the weapon's magazine automatically reloads (ARs: 100% of maximum capacity, Pistols: 100%, SMGs: 100%, Shotguns: 100%, Sniper Rifles: 100%).

Pet Rework


Free Fire Machete

Let Falcão protect your Bermuda landing in a new way.

“When parachuting in Battle Royale mode, Falcon would often help his owner land early. However, this advantage may prevent players from fully experiencing the combat dynamics offered by different Pets. In this update, we decided to unify all players' parachute speed (equivalent to the speed with the help of Falcaõ before) and give the eagle a new ability, allowing players to land more safely after respawning.”

Free fly:

Disables enemy auto-aim while the owner is parachuting.

Character balance adjustments


Sonia Free Fire


After taking fatal damage, enter an invulnerable and immobile state for 0.5s. Then gain a 150 → 100 HP shield that lasts 3s. If the skill user knocks down an enemy while the shield is active, restore the same amount of HP as the shield; otherwise, the skill user will be eliminated. Recharge: 180s.


Nairi Free Fire

Steel Gel:

Deployed Ice Walls restore 250 → 150 durability per second when hit, during which teammates within 5m restore 20 HP/s. Max 40 HP per teammate on each Gel Wall.


Thiva Free Fire

Rising to the BeatVital vibrations:

The speed of helping teammates has increased by 70%. Waiting time: 60s → 90s. The helped teammate recovers 60HP in 3s.


Dimitri Free Fire

Healing Beat:

Creates a healing zone with a radius of 3.5 m. Inside, the user and allies recover 10 HP/s. Help will be automatically triggered when needed. The zone lasts 12s. The effects of helping teammates can be enhanced by other abilities. Waiting time: 60s → 90s.


Orion Free Fire

Scarlet Wave:

Replaces EP with 300 Crimson Energy. Consumes 150 Crimson Energy to activate your shield, during which you cannot take damage or attack enemies and will absorb 15HP → 10HP (ignoring enemy Shield Points) from enemies within 5m. Lasts 3s. Cooldown: 3s.


A124 Free Fire

Thrill of battle:

Releases an 8m electromagnetic wave that disables enemy skill activation, inflicts 25 DMG, and stops the interaction countdown. Lasts 30s → 20s. Waiting time: 75s → 50s .


Homer Free Fire

Eyes of Argos:

Launches a drone towards the nearest enemy at a frontal distance of 100m, creating a 3m diameter → 4m diameter pulse blast that reduces movement speed by 60% and firing speed by 35%. Lasts 5s. Deals 25 DMG. Refill: 90s.


Wukong Free Fire


Transforms into a bush with a 10% → 5% reduction in movement speed, lasting 15s. Cooldown: 200s. The transformation ends when Wukong attacks. The CD resets when Wukong knocks down an enemy.


Iris Free Fire


For 15s, successfully shooting a Gel Wall will mark enemies within 7m of it and penetrate the Gel Wall to deal damage to marked enemies (damage inflicted will be less than normal). Effective at 3 → 5 Ice Walls maximum. Recharge: 60s.

Other skill adjustments:

  • Control Optimization:
    • A124 and Skyler's abilities can be canceled while aiming.
    • Tatsuya's ability can be used while crouching.
    • You can use active skills while jumping.
  • Skill visual effect adjustment:
    • Brighter red for Orion enemy skill effect.
    • Red for enemy Tatsuya's skill effect.
    • Red for enemy Homer's skill effect.
    • Optimized skill effect for ally Olivia, looking more “healing” than ever.
    • New effects added for all marking skills.
  • Adjustment to skill description:
    • Paloma's ability description adjusted.
    • Adjusted Orion's ability description.
    • Adjusted Otho's ability description.

Weapon and Balance

Weapon Nerfs and Buffs

A more diverse selection of weapons!

“Following the rifle adjustments in the last update, the environment for long-range combat has changed drastically! To give players more options, we're implementing major adjustments to some ranged weapons in this patch. Additionally, we’ve adjusted some weapons that have impacted the game’s balance.”

Rifle Adjustments:

  • XM8 (Buff): Magazine Capacity +20%, Accuracy +20%, Damage +10%

Pistol Adjustments:

  • Mini Uzi (Nerf): Armor Penetration -66% (from 30% to 10%)

Machine gun:

  • M249/M249-X (Buff): Crouch damage buff +100% (from 5 to 10), Minimum crouch damage +20%


  • M1014-I/M1014-II/M1014-III (Nerf): Minimum Damage -15%


  • RGS50 (Nerf): Damage to players -25%


Parachute Control Optimization

Less is more!

“When it comes to skydiving, we believe you should only worry about two things: the destination and the scenery along the way (and perhaps possible enemies); not when and which button to tap. Therefore, we have simplified the entire process to make it easier for you to glide.”
  • Increased the default parachute speed for all players (equivalent to the speed with Falco's help before).
  • Removed the "Accelerate" and "Open" buttons while skydiving. Instead, players will automatically accelerate when skydiving.
  • Now you can find out who the jumpmaster of this match is while still in the cockpit, instead of before parachuting.

Multiplayer voice channel (only available on Ilha do Rolê)

Make Ilha do Rolê social again.

"Get ready for a fun update on our beloved Ilha do Rolê! We're introducing the multiplayer voice channel in the new update, making it even easier for you to interact with other players. Of course, if you encounter hostile individuals, don't hesitate to block them." them and report them."
  • Added a multiplayer voice channel to Ilha do Rolê. Here, the volume of other players' voices correlates with their distance from you on the island.

Loading adjustments

We made adjustments to some equipment for better overall balance!

“We made adjustments to some loadouts, taking into account their unique characteristics. This will make the features of each loadout more distinct. And that’s not all – we’re also introducing a new loadout, Pocket Market, in this update!”
  • New loadout: Pocket Market (replaces Scanner)
    • The Pocket Market loadout inventory will inherit the original Scanner loadout.
    • Pocket Market is a portable item that can be used at any time. In BR mode, it serves as an additional purchase channel outside of Vending Machines. In CS mode, it can be used during battles after the purchase phase.
    • In Battle Royale, Pocket Market offers new items from the latest patch, such as Portals and Active Skill Cards. In Contra Squad, it offers free mushrooms and Super Med Kits and sells discounted special items such as Ice Walls and Armor. The loadout can be used after the CS purchase phase.


  • Bounty Token: Earn an extra 100 CS Cash for each enemy eliminated before the first Safe Zone of the round finishes decreasing. → Earn an extra 100 CS Cash for eliminating an enemy.
  • Airdrop Aid: Earn extra 300 CS Cash on airdrop. → Everyone on your team earns 300 CS Cash when someone on your team loots the airdrop. This effect does not stack.
  • Scan: Replaced by Pocket Market: Obtain 2 Pocket Markets at the start of each match. Use it to open the market interface and purchase items such as med kits and throwable items.


  • Scan: Replaced by Pocket Market: Obtain 2 Pocket Markets at the start of each match. Use it to open the market interface, which includes active skill cards.
  • Leg Pocket: Get a Lv. 2 Gloo Creator, Lv3. Backpack and additional capacity of 200 backpacks at the start of the match. → Get a Lv. 2 Gel Mason and 300 additional backpacks with capacity at the start of the match.
  • Bounty Token: Changed the kill reward from VSS-II/M14-II to M4A1-II/MP5-II.

System Optimization

Custom voice pack

Some unique and exciting quick messages that will leave you speechless!

“We've revamped the quick message settings page and are now providing funny voice packs for free! You can now personalize your gaming experience by purchasing these voice packs and using them in your matches. Personalize your in-game communication like never before and improve your teamwork with our latest patch.”

  • Revamped quick messages settings page.
  • New customizable voice packs for free.

View Internet connection status in the lobby

Goodbye, high ping in the game!

“We have added an internet connection status display in the lobby. Players can use this information to decide whether to start a match or adjust their device's internet connection. This allows players to start a match with a good ping value, resulting in a better gaming experience.”

  • When the Internet connection is good, the connection icon in the upper right corner of the lobby turns white. When the Internet connection is unstable or poor, the icon turns yellow or r

FF InteliMate

Your Pet is in the lobby, ready to share helpful tips and introduce new features to you!

“After each battle, why not take a moment to check the messages your pet sent you in the lobby? Here, you can discover practical game tips and learn more about exciting new features.”
  • Whenever a match ends, your pet will share corresponding tips or new information with you based on the behavior you had in the match.
  • When new messages appear after a match, a tip bubble will appear above your pet's head. Alternatively, you can tap the pet to view unread or historical messages.


Patent Advancement Rewards

A new ranked reward line has been added!

“For BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked modes, we have added a new reward line. Players who reach a certain rank for the first time can receive innovative rewards for the corresponding rank. Rich rewards are available between Bronze II and Diamond I!”
  • Rewards can be viewed in the game's ranking interface.
  • Rewards can only be claimed once. Once all rewards have been claimed, the rewards display will be permanently hidden.
  • For players who are not in the first rank and who have reached a certain rank when this feature launches, innovative rewards will be sent directly via in-game mail.

Specific Rank on Challenger Icon

Specific rank can now be displayed on the Challenger icon!

“Optimization on the Grandmaster icon! Challengers interested in seeking rankings can now directly view and display their rankings on the icon!”

  • Rank is now displayed in the Challenger icon.

Map pool adjustments

Alpine is back!

“Alpine is back in the ranked map pool! Come and enjoy this highly acclaimed map!”

The map pool for ranked matches has been updated! In the new patch, Purgatory will temporarily leave the map pool, while Alpine will return. The specific map list for ranked matches is as follows:

  • Bermuda shorts
  • New Earth
  • Alpine

Other adjustments

  • Canceled the Campfire marking icon.
  • Greatly improved vehicle control on descents.
  • Optimized the in-game ping value color changing logic, making the color display for low ping and high ping more accurate.
  • Added medkits, super meds, and inhalers to the Priority tab in auto pickup settings.
  • Added a special effect warning before Ice Walls disappear over time.
  • Backpack items will be stacked by default.
  • When you tap on characters and pets rewarded for specific events in the store, you will be redirected to the corresponding event page.
  • Added daily mission recommendations for beginners, allowing you to experience the allure of Free Fire with a more focused approach.
  • After checking “Display in other modes” in the Collection, the backpack will also be displayed in the Social Island.
  • Added a reporting channel for avatars on profile pages and windows.

Finally, the Free Fire update goes live from 1am this Tuesday, August 31, 2023 and, as happened in previous editions, there should be no maintenance breaks. To learn more about how to update Free Fire, visit: update maintenance procedure .