Free Fire Update October 2023: List of Nerfs and Arsenal Buffs

Discover the exciting changes to Free Fire's weapon arsenal in the October 2023 update.
Free Fire Update October 2023: List of Nerfs and Arsenal Buffs

Ronny Rolim

In this exciting October 2023 update, Free Fire is bringing a series of significant changes to the arsenal that promise to revolutionize long-range combat and redefine the game's balance. With these changes, players will have more strategic options and an even more exciting gaming experience.

Changes to the Free Fire Weapon Arsenal

Rifle Adjustments

For rifle lovers, the update brought good news. The XM8 rifle has received a considerable buff , with a 20% increase in magazine capacity, 20% increase in accuracy, and 10% additional damage. These improvements will make the XM8 an even more powerful option for mid- and long-range combat, providing players with greater flexibility.

  • XM8 (Buff): Magazine Capacity +20%, Accuracy +20%, Damage +10%.

Weapon Adjustments

Free Fire update for October 2023 is released with Nerf and Buff on weapons
Free Fire update for October 2023 is released with Nerf and Buff on weapons

However, not all the news is good for the arsenal. The Mini Uzi has suffered a nerf with a drastic reduction in armor penetration, dropping from 30% to 10%. This will make the Mini Uzi less effective at engaging enemies with cover, requiring a more strategic approach from players who prefer this weapon.

  • Mini Uzi (Nerf): Armor penetration -66% (from 30% to 10%).

Machine Gun Customization

The M249/M249-X machine gun has received a buff that improves its effectiveness when crouching. Crouch damage has now increased by a whopping 100%, going from 5 to 10. Additionally, the minimum crouch damage has been increased by 20%. These changes will make the M249/M249-X a more advantageous choice for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

  • M249/M249-X (Buff): Crouch damage buff +100% (from 5 to 10), Minimum crouch damage +20%.

Shotgun Customization

The M1014-I/M1014-II/M1014-III shotguns have received a nerf that reduces their minimum damage by 15%. This requires a more precise approach when using these shotguns, as they now deal less damage with less accurate shots. Players will need to be more skilled when aiming and shooting to maximize the potential of these weapons.

  • M1014-I/M1014-II/M1014-III (Nerf): Minimum Damage -15%.

Other Changes

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the RGS50 also suffered a notable nerf , with a 25% reduction in damage dealt to players. This will make the RGS50 less devastating, requiring a more precise strategy when using it in combat.

  • RGS50 (Nerf): Damage to players -25%.

With these changes to the arsenal, Free Fire's October 2023 update promises to diversify gameplay and offer new strategic opportunities for players. Get ready to experience a more dynamic and challenging game, where weapon choice and accuracy will be more important than ever.

Improve your tactics, adapt to changes and make the most of these new opportunities in Free Fire!