Anitta no Free Fire: check out all the partnership items

Character skins, weapons, grenades, Jeep and 9 other items are available in the singer's partnership and Garena's Battle Royale
Anitta no Free Fire: check out all the partnership items

Ronny Rolim

Free Fire players, as well as fans of singer Anitta , are ecstatic with the collaboration of these two world phenomena. Soon, the Anitta partnership at Free Fire will ascend in Garena 's Battle Royale and users will be able to have access to all skins, sets and the character " A Patroa ". While they are not available in the game, Free Fire Mania , the world's largest portal on the game, exclusively brings all the details.

In total, there are 13 items built with Anitta 's theme. In addition, the singer participated in the entire process of creating them, as her own character called “ A Patroa ”.

It is worth remembering that the latest Free Fire update, Redemption: Uni-vos , is now available and all items are available in the game, although they are not possible to collect, as the Anitta event at Free Fire has not yet started.

Anitta no Free Fire: all partnership items

At first, Garena has not yet officially revealed the date that the items will arrive at Free Fire. So far, the Patroa Cup championship is available, a tournament that celebrates Anitta's arrival at Free Fire .

Although nothing has been officially revealed, fans can watch the video below to learn about all the items from the Anitta and Free Fire partnership:

As mentioned earlier, there are 13 Anitta -themed items that will soon be available on Free Fire, among them:

  • The Mistress Set (Character)
  • The Mighty Set (Skin)
  • AK47 - Burst
  • SVD - Bang Bang
  • Baton - On the Beat
  • Estate - Perfect Rhythm
  • Backpack - Sound of the Heart
  • Gel Wall - Surrounding Wall
  • Grenada - Sweet and Abused
  • Jeep - Turbocharged
  • Hair - Queen of Honor
  • Hair - Zen Girl
  • Shirt - Let Him Suffer
  • Emote - Patroa's Square

It is worth remembering that the items will arrive throughout the month of June and July and the first of them to land in the game will be the character “A Patroa”.

The Mistress is coming

Anita no Free Fire
Anitta arrives soon at Free Fire

The new Free Fire character will soon arrive in the game. Patroa , created to represent global pop artist Anitta within the game, will bring themed items that players will be able to receive at in-game events.

Announced this month, the new Free Fire partnership is developed together with Anitta , who participated directly in the entire creative process, leaving her mark throughout the event.

Check out images of the two versions of the Patroa skin below:

Anitta's new skins on Free Fire
The two versions of Anitta on Free Fire
Anitta's Powerful Package on Free Fire
Anitta's Powerful Package on Free Fire

All known details about the partnership Anitta x Free Fire

On May 5th, the developers of Free Fire officially announced their collaboration with Larissa de Macedo Machado, that is, Anitta . According to the leaks, a new character based on her will enter the game, along with various themed events and in-game collectibles.

Character Anitta in Free Fire

Character Anitta in Free Fire
Character Anitta in Free Fire

At first, the public will still be able to play with Anitta herself in Free Fire , who arrives as the character “ A Patroa ” as a playable element. More details and release date will be revealed soon. In addition to surprises and in-game challenges, the event will feature an exclusive song by Anitta that will be the theme of the campaign: “ Anitta feat. Free Fire hit song ”.

Anitta skill in Free Fire

Anita no Free Fire
Anitta's skin on Free Fire

At first glance, a character's ability in Free Fire gives power to the doll that helps players on the battlefield. In the case of Anitta , so far there is no information about her ability, it seems that she will also not be present on the Advanced Server and the details about her power are still a mystery.

Anitta's themed phrase for her character in Free Fire

Anitta dressed in her skin at Free Fire
Anitta dressed in her skin at Free Fire
“Nothing to say, just feel.”

Overall, the phrase “ Nothing to say, just feel ”, will be the thematic phrase used by the new character Anitta in Free Fire . The singer doll will speak this phrase when selected for a match in Battle Royale.

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Anitta is expected to be available on Free Fire in the first weeks of June, right after the reload event that will bring another new character to Battle Royale: Homero .