Free Fire Guild Wars: With battles on Saturdays, check the rules and scores

Discover Guild Wars in Free Fire, the rules, scoring and how to conquer the score table. Get ready for action in Saturday's epic battles!
Free Fire Guild Wars: With battles on Saturdays, check the rules and scores

Ronny Rolim

OFree Fire , one of the most popular mobile games in the world, never stops surprising players with exciting new features. Recently, Garena announced an exciting addition to the game - Guild Wars .

In this article, we'll explore this new feature, its rules, scoring, and how you can stand out and conquer the leaderboard. So, get ready for action and strategy, because the Guild Wars are about to begin!

The Excitement of Guild Wars

The announcement of Guild Wars brought a new dimension to Free Fire. As part of this update, players now have the opportunity to compete with their guilds every Saturday . It's a chance to demonstrate your skill and teamwork as you try to reach the top of the Guild War leaderboard. As if that wasn't enough, at the end of each season, the guild and member with the highest total score will receive a mysterious prize that is sure to add a touch of mystery and excitement to this already intense competition. It's time to fight to become the best!

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Rules for Epic Battle

Screen with Guild War rewards in Free Fire
Screen with Guild War rewards in Free Fire

To ensure competition is fair and exciting, Guild Wars have specific rules that players must follow:

  1. Guild War is played in Battle Royale mode and can only be started if all team members are from the same guild.

  2. Guild War matchmaking will be based on guild strength and will only allow you to face other guilds, ensuring the competition is even and challenging.

  3. Players will receive a score in Guild Wars based on their ranking and match eliminations. Therefore, your individual skills and teamwork are crucial to success.

Scoring Rules and Seasons

Free Fire Guild War will have epic rewards!
Free Fire Guild War will have epic rewards!

To make Guild Wars even more exciting, the scoring rules are well structured:

  • Each Guild War season is made up of several rounds that occur weekly.

  • Players can participate in as many Guild Wars matches as they wish, but only the five highest scores will count towards the guild's total score. This encourages players to stay focused and consistent.

  • The ranking in each round is based on the total score accumulated from the previous round, adding a strategic element to the game.

  • At the end of each season, guilds that excel on the Guild Wars leaderboard will be rewarded with mysterious prizes in the next version update.

It's worth noting that the Guild Wars season is scheduled to run from November 11, 2023 to January 20, 2024 , so prepare your guild for battle and seek victory!

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In short, Free Fire Guild Wars offer an exciting competition where strategy, skill and cooperation are crucial. With clear scoring rules and mysterious prizes for the best, this is an unmissable opportunity for guilds and players to stand out. So assemble your team, get ready for action and immerse yourself in the intense atmosphere of Guild Wars. Victory awaits those who dare to challenge!