Elite Pass June 2022: Rewards, Packs, Pre-Order and Release Date Revealed

49th edition is set with the Crystal Dance theme and arrives on June 1 with numerous new features
Elite Pass June 2022: Rewards, Packs, Pre-Order and Release Date Revealed

Ronny Rolim

The Free Fire June 2022 Elite Pass , which is scheduled to launch on the next day, had its rewards, skins and packages revealed. The game undoubtedly has a good lineup of rewards in the upcoming “ Dance of Crystals ” themed pass.

Many players rely on the Free Fire Elite Pass to obtain in-game cosmetics, as they are usually more affordable than events, store and other paid means of acquiring items. In addition, the developers provide a new pass every month, which offers a variety of themed sets, skins, and other items.

It is worth remembering that the next pass will be the 49th already released by Free Fire since the arrival of Sakura Flower , the first in the series.

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Elite Pass June 2022: Dancing with the Crystals

The Free Fire Elite Pass June 2022 is scheduled to arrive next Wednesday (1), and the information was officially released today by Garena .

Some of the most important rewards are as follows:

  • Monster Car : Dance of the Crystals with 0 emblem
  • Avatar Stone of the Sun with 5 emblems
  • Moonstone Jacket with 15 emblems
  • Moonstone Set (F) with 50 emblems
  • SPAS12 Stone of the Sun with 80 emblems
  • Crystal Dance board with 100 emblems
  • Moonstone Slingshot with 115 emblems
  • Crystal Dance loot with 150 emblems
  • Bora Dance Emote with 180 emblems
  • Crystal Dance Backpack with 200 emblems
  • Sunstone Set (M) with 250 emblems

Readers can get a glimpse of the packs, skins, and various other items in the video attached above.

However, it is important to emphasize that these items are available in the pass. As a result, after purchase, players can collect all of them just by completing in-game quests.


Given that the price of the Elite Pass does not change frequently, the pass price for May is expected to remain the same as last month. Players will need to pay 600 diamonds to upgrade their Elite Pass and will be required to spend 1200 diamonds to purchase the Elite Pack during the pre-sale starting this Sunday (29).

Lastly, purchasing the elite pass June 2022 during pre-sale allows players to receive a freebie as an exclusive reward: Moto Dance of Crystals .