4 M1014 skins: the new Free Fire weapon incubator

Check out the new Free Fire Incubator, with the Knights of the Apocalypse theme, which brings the M1014 weapon skins
4 M1014 skins: the new Free Fire weapon incubator


The next Free Fire Incubator is already confirmed, it will be a weapons incubator with the 4 skins of the M1014 shotgun, the first Free Fire shotgun, also known as " old twelve ".

The skins are based on the four Knights of the Apocalypse : War , Plague , Hunger and Death .

M1014 War

The skin of the M1014 Guerra is the one with the red color.

M1014 War Incubator

M1014 Death

The Death skin of the M1014 is silver.

Incubator M1014 Death

M1014 Hunger

The M1014 Hunger skin is yellow.

M1014 Hunger Incubator

M1014 Plague

Finally, the Pest skin, in green.

Pest M1014 Incubator

These are the 4 skins that will arrive at the next Free Fire Incubator , starting next Monday, July 13th.

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