Series C Rules at LBFF - Brazilian Free Fire League

Series C Rules at LBFF - Brazilian Free Fire League

Meet the rules of LBFF Serie C, the Brazilian Free Fire League, the official Garena Championship

This document aims to govern the competition entitled Liga Brasileira de Free Fire , which will take place Online in the Region of Brazil and will be organized by Player1 together with Garena Brasil and LnK (distributor and developer of Free Fire). This is Version 1.47 of the LBFF Rules, updated on February 17, 2020! See also: Classified Teams for the LBFF Series C Entries can be made through this link . What is stipulated here will be referred to as official rules ( Rules ) which apply to all participating teams and to any team member. Upon registration, all team members agree to comply with these Rules , which are subject to change at any time Player1 considers. In case of requesting a clarification or resolution of a conflict, you can consult the Referees through Player1's player support, only your decision will be valid and definitive.


Player age : No player will be considered eligible to participate if they have not turned 16 years of age on the date of the tournament, with no exceptions. Nationality : To participate, each player must have Brazilian nationality or nationality, the same region where the League will take place. Residence : For the purposes of these Rules, residence is defined as being physically and legally in Brazilian territory. To participate, each player must be a resident of Brazil, where the League will be held. Foreigners : Any player who does not have nationality and residence in Brazil will be considered a foreigner. Quantity : To participate in the League, each team must have at least four (4) players and may have up to a maximum of eight (8).
In the event that more than 1536 teams have players with level 25, Garena will indicate in a ranking, the 1536 "approved" teams that have a level combination between the players.

Equipment and software

Player responsibility. Players are expected to fully provide their own equipment, being responsible for:
  • The protection and operation of your cell phone or tablet.
  • Software that play.
  • Internet connection stability.
  • The percentage and status of the battery.
  • Update the game and your device can run it.
  • Yield of the game on your devices.


Emulators . It is not allowed to play in emulators, the Referees reserve the right to expel the team and / or the player, if they detect that they play with an emulator.

Competition format

Details of each phase.

Scoring Tournaments:

At this stage, each team will play 3 tournaments, one per weekend, on the days: February 29th and March 1st, March 7th and 8th, March 14th and 15th.
  • Number of tournaments: 3 for each League;
  • Teams per tournament: 1536 teams;
  • Teams per match: 12 teams;
  • Tournament format: Direct elimination (6 advance and 6 eliminated);
  • Series format: Best of 1 (BO1);
  • Team players: 4 players;


The playoffs will be held on the dates below: Semifinals: 3/21/2020 Final: 3/22/2020
  • Number of teams: 24 teams
  • Teams per match: 12 teams
  • Tournament format: Direct elimination
  • Series format: Md3 and Md5 Finals
  • Match players: 4 players

Victory system

See how the LBFF Series C score will work:
  • 1st (BOOYAH) = 300 points
  • 2nd place = 200 points
  • 3rd place = 170 points
  • 4th place = 135 points
  • 5th place = 135 points
  • 6th place = 80 points
  • 7th place = 60 points
  • 8th place = 45 points
  • 9th place = 30 points
  • 10th place = 20 points
  • 11th place = 10 points
  • 12th place = 0 point
In addition to the score for placing in matches, there will also be 20 points for each Kill (elimination)

Playoffs ranking

At the end of each scoring tournament and according to the final position, the following points will be awarded. At the end of the 4 tournaments the points obtained will be added and the best 24 scores will advance to the playoff stage.
Playoff tiebreaker . In the event that two or more teams tie for classification points, the ties will be broken according to the following criteria: 1st criterion: For the place obtained in the last scoring tournament. 2nd criterion: By the total number of kills obtained by the team. Seeds in the playoffs . Once the 24 teams qualified for the playoffs have been determined, the next stage will be seeded for the snake-shaped semifinals, assuming the final position obtained in the global points of the Circuits. Semifinal 1: 1 °, 4 °, 5 °, 8 °, 9 °, 12 °, 13 °, 16 °, 17 °, 20 °, 21 ° and 24 ° Semifinal 2: 2 °, 3 °, 6 °, 7 °, 10 °, 11 °, 14 °, 15 °, 18 °, 19 °, 22 and 23 ° Tie-break in a series of playoffs . If there are two or more teams tied for points at the end of a series, they are classified solely according to the points obtained from their placement, and the death count will not be considered. If they also tie for placement points, it will be according to their place in the last game of the series.


Game version : Each tournament will be played with the current available version of the game. Departure time . Teams will be able to check the date and time of their matches in the Player1 Matches session or directly at the tournament key after they have completed check-in and been accepted. Assistance and tolerance . There will be 5 minutes of tolerance from the time indicated in Matches to be able to introduce yourself to the chat on the starting page on Player1 and in the game lobby. After that time, the game will start without waiting for anything else. Complete teams . Only teams with their 4 players will be able to enter the game room, after the 5 minutes of tolerance the game will start leaving the incomplete teams out of the game with no option to join later. Creation of the game lobby . The Referees will be responsible for creating the official game room. They are the ones who will invite the chat players on the starting page to join the room and deliver the room data.
lbff serie c free fire rules
General / match settings Mode: Classic Map: Bermuda Team size: 4 (squad or squad) Allow spectators: Player1 referees only Game element restrictions . Restrictions may be added at any time before or during a series, if there are known errors in any game element. Ignoring these restrictions, whether deliberately or intentionally, may be grounds for defeat and expulsion from the team in the competition. Use of the game chat : You can only use the chat on Player1 to talk about important questions or answer the Referee. Results . At the end of each match, the teams are responsible for capturing the results screen and reporting it on the match page by clicking on the report result button where the image will be added. The Referees will assume the role of reviewing the results, making score calculations and updating the ranking in Player1 for each match. No broadcasts . In the event that there is an official broadcast from Player1, players will not be allowed to broadcast their Circuit matches publicly. Players can only transmit their recordings once the transmission by Player1 is finished.

Disconnections and remakes.

Disconnections . Participants are not allowed to intentionally cause a disconnection during the game. doing so means disqualification from the tournament. If a participant is disconnected due to network problems, they can reconnect to the game while the game is in progress. Remakes . Referees may consider a remake, in their sole discretion, if a game server fails and that all players cannot connect, or if 10 or more disconnect at the same time. High ping . The participant is solely responsible for the quality of his internet connection. Participants cannot request a break or a remake due to high ping or poor network conditions. Maximum teams from the same organization in the LBFF . If two or more teams owned by the same organization qualify for one or more Tournaments, there can only be a maximum of 2 teams in the total of the leagues, with these teams in different leagues. That is, you can only have 2 teams in a total of the teams that make up the LBFF. In case of having more than 2 teams, the organization that owns the teams will have 24 hours after the end of the last Free Fire playoff final to select a maximum of 2 teams from the organization in all tournaments, and the remaining teams will have to seek one new organization that represents them.

code of conduct

Conducts or actions not permitted. The following actions are completely prohibited and will be subject to sanctions and discretion of the Arbitrators. Confabulation . Any agreement or action between 2 or more players or teams to put opponents at a disadvantage or benefit from a result. Hacker . Any modification to the game client. Use . Intentionally use any error within the game to try to take advantage. Representation . Play on another player's account. Obscenity and discrimination . Use obscene, vile, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, insulting, libelous or defamatory language. Harassment . Systematic, hostile and repeated acts that they perform to exile or exclude a person or affect their dignity. Discrimination and defamation . Offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person or group of people through derogatory, discriminatory or disrespectful words or actions because of race, skin color, ethnicity, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation , political or other opinion, financial situation, birth or other state. Negative statements . Make, publish or support any statement or action that has or is designed to have a detrimental or harmful effect on the best interests of Player1 or Garena. Criminal activity . Being involved in an activity that is prohibited by a common law, statute or treaty. Bribery . Offer gifts to a player, coach, director, referee, Player1 employee, Garena or other person related to the Competition for services that benefit from the results of the Deception competition. Present false evidence or lie to the Referees. Confidentiality . No team member may reveal any confidential information provided by Player1 through any communication method. Infractions . After discovering that any member of a team has violated the rules specified above, Player1 may, without limiting authority, issue sanctions at its discretion.

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