September 2020 update: check notes and all changes

September 2020 update: check notes and all changes

September / 2020 update notes revealed, see everything that will change



The Free Fire update takes place this Wednesday, September 23, 2020 and on this day the servers will be closed for maintenance , and it will not be possible to access the game from 0:01 to 9:30 hours. FFMANIA website sources had exclusive access to all changes that will be in the game.

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There will be 18 changes that are ready and arrive at Free Fire on the 23rd of September, starting at 9:30 am. Check below the list with the notes of the update that FFMANIA brings exclusively, is it worth sharing?

1. Against Squad


3rd season of the ranked in the Contra Squad starts on 09/24 at 10:00 am!

"The third season of Contra Squad has arrived! Raise your rank to Gold III or higher to receive a special award - The Golden Fame! "

1.1 Personalization of the store in Contra Squad

Added sound when buying Mushroom and the Novo Futuro injection.

Players will no longer lose stars when they reconnect and win the games they left behind. In addition, they will receive less points on their Patent shield (protection points) after they reach the Platinum rank.

2. New Weapon - ParaFAL


Only available in Classic and Contra Squad mode.

"ParaFAL is a new AR that will be available after the September update. With super high firepower and extreme range, players will be able to take down enemies from a distance with ease. However, the low rate of fire will give the your opponent the chance to attack as soon as you miss a few shots. "

See more details: ParaFAL weapon in Free Fire .

ParaFAL Weapon
Damage 48
Cartridge 30
Shooting Rate 0.245
Accessories: Mouth, Grip, Sight, Stock and Cartridge

3. New weapon - Flamethrower


Available on the training ground, the Flamethrower cannot be reloaded!

Do you want to know more about this item? Access: Free Fire Flame: new weapon arrives in the game

Flame Throwing Weapon
Damage 15
Minimal damage 10
Reach 4
Firing rate 0.06

4. Granada


New engine and optimized projectile display.

" Grenades have been underutilized for some time because of the time it takes to explode. We've added a new mechanism for players to assemble grenades so they can control when grenades explode. Be careful, don't let them explode in your hand! "

Here's how it will work: New Grenade Preparation function

Optimized the appearance of the grenade projectile to match the actual launch distance. Players can now prepare grenades in advance and reduce the time it takes to detonate them.

5. Weapon - P90


Increased rate of fire and accuracy!

"The P90 has been in a bad position for some time. Even with one of the largest cartridge capacities, the P90 does not perform very well due to its large indentation. We will reduce the maximum indentation of the P90 a little so that the indentation is easier to manage. "

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  • Rate of fire: + 3%;
  • Indentation reduction: -10%;

6. Weapon - M14


Minimal and basic damage adjustment.

"The M14 is currently in a good position compared to other ARs. However, its ability to take down enemies from a distance was a little difficult to deal with at this point. We have reduced the minimal damage on the M14 a little, but the core strength of this rifle should remain the same. "

  • Damage: 58 -> 59;
  • Minimum damage: 30-> 25;

You can see more details of this change in the update, visit: Arma M14 has changes in the September / 2020 update of Free Fire

6.1 Core of M14 Anger


Rate of firing rate!

"This advanced accessory for the M14 is what takes this weapon to the next level. However, the rate of fire from the Core of Rage was too strong to match any weapon. We took part of the power of the accessory for total damage generated is more consistent with other weapons. "

  • Shooting rate: -11%

In this other publication we talk about the accessories that will change: September Update: Nerf on KAR98K and accessories

7. Plasma Weapon


Accuracy increases!

"The Plasma Weapon has long been known as a starting weapon due to its inability to be a good weapon for the final moments of matches. We have made reasonable adjustments to its accuracy so that its resistance could be more aligned with other ARs with active accessories. "

  • + Increased Accuracy: + 50%;
  • + Movement speed: + 11%;

8. Kar98k Biometric Sight


Mira Assist Reduction!

"The Kar98k with biometric targeting is undoubtedly one of the most lethal weapons we have today. We will reduce targeting assistance on this advanced accessory to gain some of the quick targeting power "

  • Mira assistance reduced by 35%.

9. Glider


Reduced flight altitude!

"Currently, the glider is very strong on some maps due to its ability to stay in the air for a long time. We will reduce the time a little to ensure that players do not reach places out of reach with the glider "

  • Maximum flight height 38 -> 14

10. Scanner


You can now reveal Vehicles!

"Now you can see everything. Literally. "

The Scanner will now reveal the vehicle on the map.

11. Character Jai


Skill adjustment!

"Shortly after releasing Jai , we received feedback that the amount of ammo recovered was not sufficient for the player to take down enemies with little ammunition. We improved this ability so that it could be useful in more situations. "

  • Recharge capacity: 10/13/16/19/22/25% -> 30/33/36/39/42/45%
  • Limited to AR, Pistol and SMG -> Limited to AR, Pistol, SMG and SG

12. Character Evelyn


Skill adjustment!

"Fixed a bug where the enemy could see Evelyn's location when he activated his ability. "

The enemy can no longer see Evelyn once the ability has been activated.

13. New game mode

Training camp: New Mini Game, Private Theater and Vehicle Updates

"We received many comments that players prefer to be brought back to life side by side on the training ground to make it easier to be with friends. We are optimizing at the point of rebirth and adding new features to make it the place ideal for a battle! "

  • Players will be revived together when entering the social zone;
  • New feature added for vehicles: Reposition the vehicle and the horn;
  • Amphibious bikes can now use Nitro and Pulo;
  • New Minigame - Target Arcade is now available.
  • Private cinema is now available.

14. "The Arena "


Available in classic and sort mode

"A new island designed for our Free Fire Continental Series 2020 ( FFCS ). Are you ready to compete? "

New Home Island "The Arena " is now available!

15. Weapon System Improvements

New page in the main lobby!

"As we added more weapon skins to our game, we realized it was time to optimize the appearance of the inventory. Not only did we move inventory as a separate page in our lobby, but we also added a 360 degree view of the weapon to that you can see the skin of your favorite weapon in detail. Players can now see their favorite weapons and skins in the new menu. Let me see! "

  • The new weapon inventory menu is now available!
  • Optimized the weapon classification method.
  • Added 360 degree view for all weapon skins.
  • Players can now share screenshots of their weapon skins on social media.

16. Upload the HUD settings to the Free Fire Cloud

"To save

New features in the settings menu!

"Tired of adjusting all your settings every time you update? You asked for it and we did it! "

Players can now upload, download and overwrite their configuration in the settings menu.

17. Sort backpack

Available in all modes!

"Tired of messy backpacks after looting? Yes, we understand you. "

Players can now organize their backpacks in the game.

18. Bug fixes and optimizations

  • The Ice wall can no longer replace the player's model;
  • The mushroom can now be marked;
  • Players can now open the settings menu while they are watching or are dead;
  • Optimized the filter function in the Free Fire weapon inventory.
  • MVP display optimized for winning / losing teams in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Model optimization for Jeep cars.
  • Optimized the display of active skills in the game.

That's all we will have in the September 2020 update, comment there, like it? Remember that Garena has also reported on the new Anti Hacker , you can check it out here .


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