NFA League: Laude breaks slaughter records in new group stage

NFA League: Laude breaks slaughter records in new group stage

Second qualifying phase of the NFA begins with a dispute between rival teams, there were little dances and even a bandeirão.



Between the 29th and the 31st of July the first round of Group Stage 2 of the NFA Season 4 League took place . With the points zeroed, the 24 teams faced off in two days of exciting matches. The four groups formed in this phase showed a lot of commitment from the beginning.

The broadcasts of the NFA League Season 4 take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8 pm, on BOOYAH platforms ! and YouTube . The championship has a total prize of R $ 30 thousand, divided between the first three places of each phase.

Check out the main events of this round:

Laude is the highlight of groups A and B

The 29th marked the debut of the teams from Groups A and B. The teams from Faz o P, Allbank E-sports, BDL, Lyons E-sports, Anarchysons, 4K Easy, Laude, King of Fighters, Game Over, Scammers, played Seal Bounce and Bope.

The expectation was great to see the rivals Laude and Faz o P , however Laude was the winner , winning three of the five booyahs and 57 kills.

NFA League highlights day 29

In the first fall of the night, BDL and Bope heated up the plays facing each other right away. However, Laude took the fall, ranking 11 kills. The team secured a straight win in the second fall.

Already, the third fall of the night has come to change things a little. Faz o P has already started trading with the Bope team, taking four players at once. Even so the booyah was from 4K Easy , with 13 kills, ending the falls on the Bermuda map .

The fourth match of the night and the first on the map of Purgatory guaranteed a lot of excitement for fans of Laude and Lyon . The two ended in a 2x4 that ended up giving Laude the victory with 18 kills.

Closing the night of July 29, the teams went with everything, even giving a dance between 4K Easy and BDL . Still, the highlight of the fall was Anarchysons with 11 kills .

Groups C and D guarantee points on the table

On the 30th of July it was the turn of the teams from groups C and D to face each other. The stage was taken over by Los, Hype, PRG, Ryze E-sports, Over Power, Poison, Suicide Squad, Gods, Predators, Ninjas E-sports, Forsaken and Stars.

NFA Highlights 29 and 30

And Friday started with the elimination of Forsaken in the first fall in a direct confrontation with Ryze , however, the team that took the victory was Hype !

The second fall was frantic from start to finish, with emphasis on the Deuses and Predators teams. The final was even entitled to a 1X1, but who won the Booyah was the PDT .

In the third fall of the night, the player Ronald da Los stood out, but failed to take Booyah to his team in a 1X4 against Ryze , who secured the victory.

The first match of the night in Purgatory was a direct dispute between PRG , Ryze and Poison , but Booyah fell into the lap of the Ninjas in a 4X3 against the Gods . Finally, the last fall featured the Over Power and Ninjas teams, but the victory came for the Suicide Squad .

Highlight of the week

MVP General NFA Highlights

In a very intense round, who won first place in the MVP (Most Valuable Player) was LOUD LZINN with no less than 57 kills!

It is also worth mentioning the July 29 MVP for LOUD JORDAN , with a total of 22 kills in the night, breaking the competition record so far.

In addition, the teams Laude , Los and Deuses went to sleep with the Top 3 in the championship standings.

According to Samuca , narrator in the NFA League , "Laude came with a completely different stance and this resulted in victories and a regularity that only Suicide Squad had previously done".

Still, the teams have increasingly sought to stand out in the matches and score, "this shows how much Free Fire can vary from leaders and MVP", completes the caster.


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