Hack Free Fire: developers clarify player complaints

Hack Free Fire: developers clarify player complaints

The Free Fire team of developers revealed a lot of new information about the game's hackers and answered frequently asked questions from players.


The developers of Free Fire made a kind of "blog" explaining and answering the main doubts about the players who use hack in the game.

In addition to showing how they are going about the game's anti-hacker, the developers also talk about the improvements that are being implemented in Free Fire , check out:

Since the launch of Operation Anti-Hack , we have made continuous improvements to our anti-hacking system. These measures were revealed to players through the Anti-Hack frequently asked questions . However, we know that you would like a more detailed explanation of certain topics. ‌

And nothing better than directly from the Developers. Let's start!

hack Free Fire

Strengthen our preventive measures.

In the past few months, we have suspended a large number of hackers, leading players to ask themselves if this is our only focus and what about preventive measures.

"Prevention has always been our main focus. Our preventive mechanism blocked approximately 80% of hacks before they could affect the game. In a first line, we have mechanisms to prevent hackers from accessing the Free Fire application. Sophisticated codes will be able to detect suspicious accesses and block them from the start. This, together with active monitoring of player behavior, forms a complete line of defense. "

Anti-Hack Experts

On social media, we received some complaints about suspended accounts allegedly by mistake. And some players are understandably concerned about this situation.

Players never have to worry about being suspended by mistake. We have a detailed and careful suspension process. In addition, we partner with the industry's best anti-hacking experts to verify the report's information.
For a reported account to be suspended, it will have to show evidence of hacks using our own data and independent experts. Players will not be suspended due to malicious (fake) reports or simply after a good game. We always make sure that all suspension decisions are correct. For example, a player will not be suspended just because many players have wrongly reported it.

In-game hacker reports

Some players have already made reports of hackers, but are not sure what happened to the report, as they have not received any response.

We have a 100% review policy, each report is studied in detail. Once an account has been suspended, the player who reported it will receive an in-game email confirming that their report has been successfully completed. We understand that some have not received this type of correspondence. We are working to ensure that each player who made a report receives the confirmation email and makes the reporting experience fluid.

Denounces Hack on how Counter Squad

The experience of reporting in Contra Squad and similar modes was not as smooth as some players expected.

We understand that this may be a concern for you. In the most recent update, the reporting feature in the game summary has been updated. Players can now report their teammates and / or opponents for cheating. We continuously track and detect new hacks, we will continue to work tirelessly to analyze them and update our measures to always be one step ahead.

Free Fire anti-hack operations team


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