Garena restarts the Free Fire season this Thursday; check out the new rewards

Several skins will be updated in the Rank token store and also a new Pianist Machete will be available
Garena restarts the Free Fire season this Thursday; check out the new rewards

Ronny Rolim

The 27th ranked season of Free Fire ends this Thursday (16th) and Garena decided to add new skins to the FF Token store. Players will be able to claim free rewards when the new season is available in Battle Royale, as well as participate in challenges to earn extra items like the new Pianist Machete.

It is worth remembering that the season ends soon, at 4 am and should restart only around 7 am this Thursday (16). In addition, players' ranks and scores will be reset, as per the rank they ended up in.

Unlike previous seasons, users who make 3 Booyah's in the new ranked season will win the unprecedented Machete Pianista skin.

Pianist Machete in Free Fire
Pianist Machete in Free Fire

When does the Free Fire season end?

Free Fire Season ends this Thursday, June 16th at 4 am
Free Fire Season ends this Thursday, June 16th at 4 am

As previously stated, the current Free Fire season will end on June 16 , that is, Thursday (tomorrow) at 4:00 am . It is worth remembering that players will have their ranks reduced.

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Additionally, the 28th Free Fire season will start on the same day and, as with all other seasons, is likely to last around two months.

Once it starts, users will have the best opportunity to advance through ranks as they wouldn't face much competition in the early stages of the season.

Season Rewards

Here are the season rewards players will receive on Free Fire once the season is over:

Upon reaching a higher rank in Free Fire, the player receives extra rewards, check out the rewards:

Patent Reward
Bronze I 1,000 gold coins;
Bronze II 1,000 modeas, 1 airdrop, 1 scanner and 5 rank tokens;
Bronze III 1,000 coins, 1 bonfire, 1 treasure map, 10 token rank;
Silver I 1,500 coins, silver banner, 2 airdrop, 20 token rank;
Silver II 1,500 coins, 1 airdrop, 2 treasure maps, 30 token rank;
Silver III 1,500 coins, 1 bonfire, 2 scanners, 40 token rank;
Gold I 2000 coins, gold banner, gold jacket, 50 token rank;
Gold II 2,000 coins, double XP card, gold ticket, 70 token rank;
Gold III 2,000 coins, 2 bonfires, 2 airdrops, 90 token rank;
Gold IV 2000 coins, 2 airdrops, 2 treasure maps, 110 token rank;
Platinum I 2,500 coins, platinum banner, double XP card, 150 token rank;
Platinum II 2,500 coins, 2 bonfires, 2 gold tickets, 200 token rank;
Platinum III 2,500 coins, 3 scanners, 2 airdrops, 250 token rank;
Platinum IV 2,500 coins, 3 gold tickets, 2 treasure maps, 300 token rank;
Diamond I 3,000 coins, diamond banner, double gold card, 350 token rank;
Diamond II 3,000 coins, 3 bonfires, 2 chests, 425 token rank;
Diamond III 3,000 coins, 3 treasure maps, 3 chests, 525 token rank;
Diamond IV 3,000 coins, 3 airdrops, 3 gold tickets, 625 token rank;
Teacher 5,000 coins, master banner, master jacket, 750 token rank, master wallpaper;
Challenger Challenger banner and avatar valid for 60 days;

patent fall

patent fall
Players have their ranks and scores reset after the end of the season — Photo: Free Fire

As always, patent resets will also take place. Here are the exact details:

Last Points Last Patent New Points New Patent
1000-1300 Bronze I-III 1000 Bronze I
1301-1600 Silver I-III 1175 Bronze II
1601-2100 Gold I-IV 1350 Silver I
2101-2600 Platinum I-IV 1500 Silver II
2601-3200 Diamond I-IV 1650 Gold I
3200 + Teacher 1750 Gold II
TOP 300 Challenger 1750 Gold II

Therefore, as happened in previous seasons, Free Fire fans will not be able to play ranked matches from 4 until 7 am this Thursday (16), when the new 28th ranked season will begin. In addition, all patents will be reset as per the tables listed above.