Free Fire World Cup 2022: Vivo Keyd joins LOUD in the final in Sentosa

The team qualified with 2 Booyahs during the six falls of the qualifier (Play-IN) that took place this Saturday (14)
Free Fire World Cup 2022: Vivo Keyd joins LOUD in the final in Sentosa

Ronny Rolim

Vivo Keyd won the classification for the finals of the Free Fire World Cup 2022 during the qualifiers (Play-IN) this Saturday (14). Brazil faced many strong teams in the qualifiers. Attack All Around from Thailand, ECHO Esports from Indonesia and V Gaming also qualified and are examples of high quality teams that are ready to challenge for the title in the grand final.

Despite the difficulties and the dramatic final fall and with a fierce dispute, the Brazilians made two BOOYAHS, finishing in third place in six disputed falls, just two points behind the leader ECHO .

Now, Vivo Keyd joins LOUD , who won the spot directly in the final for being the LBFF champion. The broadcast will be through the official Free Fire esports channel on YouTube and BOOYAH!. In addition, the open television channel RedeTV! and SPACE , on closed television, also broadcast the event.

Free Fire World Cup 2022 (Play-In) - Final Classification

Placing Team BOOYAHS! slaughter Punctuation Vacancy
1st ECHO Esports 1 39 84 Final
2nd Attack All Around 1 39 83 Final
3rd Vivo Key two 32 82 Final
4th V Gaming 1 26 77 Final
5th Ignis Esports 1 32 71 -
6th LGDS 0 33 65 -
7th All Stars E-Sports 0 14 43 -
8th house of blood 0 14 36 -
9th Todak 0 12 29 -
10th fire 0 11 24 -

Ten teams, six takedowns, one dream. Vivo Keyd stood out in the FFWS 2022 Sentosa Play-In with its signature consistency, scoring 2 Booyahs, 32 kills and 82 points. Os Guerreiros finished third and joined LOUD in pursuit of another world champion title for Brazil .

Free Fire World Cup 2022 Sentosa: Play-In rating
Free Fire World Cup 2022 Sentosa: Play-In rating

The qualifying round was dominated by ECHO Esports , who led the day with 84 points. The aggressive Attack All Around finished in second place with 82 points, and V-Gaming completed the ranked list with 77 points.

Finally, the four teams join the other eight already classified and compete for the world title decision next Saturday, May 21st. More details about the broadcast will be given soon.

Follow FFWS 2022 Sentosa teams from anywhere

Fans will be able to follow, live, all the battles of FFWS 2022 Sentosa. In Brazil, the event will be broadcast at 10 am (Brasilia time) on open TV by RedeTV! and on TV closed by SPACE, in addition to the official esports channels of Free Fire on YouTube and BOOYAH! .