Free Fire Time Machine: how to collect tokens and pick up event items

Free Fire Time Machine: how to collect tokens and pick up event items

Revealed the Time Machine, the new Free Fire event that offers


Free Fire 's birthday is a time to remember part of what has already happened in the game as we build its future together. For this we created the Exploration Missions , which players can complete with their characters . Just choose your characters, the mission and they will explore some area of the Free Fire universe on their own and come back with rewards for you.

All Survivors will receive " Tokens of Time " after completing these missions. They can be exchanged for Blue Chip Tokens to spin the special birthday Royale at the Time Capsule Store and will give you the chance to unlock the Assault Maniac birthday skin.

Free Fire Assault Pack


  • Do exploration missions with the characters and earn Time Tokens;
  • With the Tokens of time, advance on the Time Machine and receive Blue Chips;
  • Use the Blue Chip to exchange for Time Capsule;
  • The main skin, Assault Maniac , will come in the special birthday Royale, use Blue Chip to spin the roulette wheel.
  • In the Time Capsule, take the rewards.

Exploration Missions

Free Fire Exploration Missions

Exploration Missions are performed with characters . Select the character you want to send to the mission and dispatch them for exploratory missions.

These missions are performed automatically after a certain time, each mission has a different time. Remember to come back to collect the rewards!

Time Token

Free Fire Time Token

The Time Token is obtained through Exploration Missions and is used to unlock the time machine.

So, do the exploration missions and receive time tokens, they will advance through the event and the Time Machine.

Time Machine

Free Fire Time Machine

The Time Machine is a kind of board that guides players through the history of Free Fire and to advance in the machine, the Tokens of Time are needed.

Place Tokens on the Time Machine to explore Free Fire's past and future with players from around the world.

Completing these missions will cause all Survivors to advance through the Time Machine together, reminiscing about Free Fire's past and earning rewards for each recalled memory.

Blue Chip

free fire blue chip

The Blue Chip is obtained from the time machine and is used to exchange for rewards in the Time Capsule Shop.

Whenever you enter 10 tokens, you will receive 1 blue chip . The chips can be used to get Time Capsules at the Time Store .

At the Tempo Ultra Capsule Shop , which opens on August 22, the Blue Chip Tokens will also be able to help you unlock the Manic Bunny Backpack and Maniac Mask birthday items.

And on the day of the party, August 22, there are Blue Chip Tokens in the drops after the matches!

Time Capsule Shop

Tempo Free Fire Capsule Shop

The Time Capsule Shop is where players open the capsules to receive rewards.

To get the capsules, players need the blue chips .

Check out the table below with the main rewards for each Time Capsule, and the Ultra is only unlocked as the birthday goal is reached.

Types of Time Capsule x Reward
Ordinary Time Capsule Manic Astronaut
Observer 1937
Ultra Time Capsule Manic Jaw

Whenever a new Machine goal is reached, all players will receive rewards!

The progress of the Time Machine takes into account all the players in the world, so there may be a delay in updating the count.

The Exploration Missions , the Time Machine and the Time Capsule Shop will stay in the game for the entire Anniversary event, August 13-30!


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