Free Fire developers talk about the new Modes

Free Fire developers talk about the new Modes

Follow information on the new Free Fire modes directly from the developers


The developers of Garena Free Fire , talked more about the philosophy of creating and developing game modes, sharing examples that they consider successful and providing a small "clue" about the future. See below the information released by the developers of Free Fire. Learn more: Who created Free Fire?

Why do we develop several Game Modes?

Even though Battle Royale is the main focus of this game, we know that it is sometimes difficult to gather all the members of your SQUAD to participate in the game - we know that the Battle Royale game can last a longer time. So, for these moments, you may want a quick game or try a different new experience, but still want to play Free Fire. By developing multiple game modes, we immerse ourselves in unexplored areas to make Free Fire unique - we will discuss this further ahead - in a variety of situations and settings, providing a new game experience in our favorite game. We believe that creating this experience is invaluable to keep you having fun with this game!
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Through the game modes, we can highlight certain aspects of the game that can be used for fun, which are at the heart of a variety of different game modes. An example is game modes like Big Head . We also feel it is very important to be able to play with SQUAD, to have fun without worrying about other players' distractions, so we also have a PvE game mode for players who want to play with their friends and complete various challenges. Lately, we've also tried to experiment with other types of game modes - which focus on squad collaboration, with fast-paced battles, like Contra Squad . See also: Counter Squad Mode over?


As we try to release different game modes in each update , we’ve also heard your comments about each game mode. Your feedback was very helpful in providing us with guidelines on what we should develop and how we developed the game mode, as well as improving the quality of the game modes that are already available in the game. This is the reason why you often see us working hard to improve the quality of Contra Squad - your passion for this game mode shows that there is still a lot that we can improve in this game mode. In the last few updates, we've introduced a series of changes that, we hope, can make Contra Squad more fun and competitive. In the same way with the next update, we will bring dramatic changes to Contra Squad . In the future, we will also continue to try to create game modes related to the events that occur in the game - like Pumpkin Snatch and Rampage, and their response is very good - according to the changes in the game events, we hope to improve the quality of the existing game modes.

A glimpse of the future

In 2020, the game mode is a part of the game that we will continue to work on. However, we want to make sure that what we do is fun, challenging, exciting and something that you really want. The addition of several game modes per patch is quite challenging, and the capacity and concept of creative ideas that we can realize in each patch are limited. In the future, we will try to improve the existing game modes, revisit the old modes and make them more exciting and challenging, or try new things by learning from the experience of releasing previous game modes. We also know that there is a game mode that you really like ( Contra Squad ). For this reason, we will explore and try to improve the experience of playing these modes continuously, while making them more enjoyable, and in a way, more competitive. Perhaps one day we will be able to offer an arena to show who is the best, inside and outside the Battle Royale genre.


Later, we will share more about game modes in general, also about Contra Squad , for example. The latest update arrived on 2/25 - with the latest game mode, so let us know what you think on social media! See you in the next blod from Free Fire developers.

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