Chapter 3 - The Official History of the New Steampunk Elite Pass

Chapter 3 - The Official History of the New Steampunk Elite Pass


Hello Maniacs, Another episode of the official story of the new Steampunk Elite Pass! Now Chapter 3, if you missed the first two, see: Chapter 2: Clash of Notre Dame Chapter 1: The Witchcraft Threat Remembering that this is an official story from Garena and in it we can see several Easter Egg and spoilers of the next updates . Now let's start chapter 3: The Queen of Witches .
The Queen of Witches
November 23, 1887 ... Misha is in trouble. And about me and Kelly .... well, Kelly is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. There is something very strange about her, she is not a trivial girl. Anyway, I can't afford to be distracted. These babies need me more than ever. They entered a dark tunnel in the middle of the city. Muriel was tied to a chair in the middle of the room. The torch in Maxim's hand illuminated the tunnel. "Where are the kids? Talk and I'll make it less painful tonight," said Maxim in a low voice. Muriel spat on the floor, "Go away, pigs." "They never give up easily?" Maxim turned to Misha . Maxim punches Muriel in the face with armored gloves. Muriel laughed wildly: "It's too late. Idiot "Outside the door, a flash of light passed through the city, shaking the floor." Leave it to me! " Misha quickly moved before Maxim stopped her." Always, "he whispered. After Misha left for a moment , a tremor went through the wall, causing Maxim to look in. A woman wearing a black dress came in. Behind her were a dozen witches, wands already in hand. "So this is the famous Maxim, " said the woman. Maxim holds a pair of UMP for her: "Who are you? Say the name if you don't want to swallow bullets now! "" I see you have nothing to threaten me with. People call me by many names. But perhaps Beatrix is familiar to you. " The Beatrix Witch ? This must be the best day of my life. So how do you want to die? Beatrix laughed. The dozens of witches behind Beatrix return to the prison, running madly towards Maxim . Maxim is confident:" Dance! "And Maxim is really dancing among the witches, shooting with a pair of UMP in his hand. Just in a moment, a witch was knocked down very nicely." Come Beatrix, " Maxim raised his voice. Beatrix just smiled and the Maxim was thrown into the air. She swings her wand again, the whole body of the witch starts to fly towards Maxim and hugs him tightly, pinning him like a woolen roll. Maxim couldn't move. Beatrix holds the knife and walks up to Maxim's neck. "Stop Beatrix ! You need me, "Lady Kelly suddenly appeared, pointing her wand at Beatrix ." Kelly ? You are a witch? stammered Maxim . "Oh, you don't know anything? That's right, Maxim . She's one of us," Beatrix laughed. "No, Maxim . Don't listen to her. There are good Witches in the world. Not much, but we exist. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have done it already," Kelly looked at Maxim sincerely. "They want me because I am a good Witch. When the moon is full of blood, they need my soul and twelve children to perform the immortal ritual," Kelly continued. "Hooray, Kelly ! You revealed my plan! So how are you going to stop me?" Beatrix was delighted. Kelly waves her wand - a purple beam of light coming from the stick towards Beatrix . Beatrix escapes and the lightning rips the column behind her. "Not bad," Beatrix replied sarcastically. The giant wands from which the huge roots came from the ground, tied themselves to Kelly's feet, which made her unable to move. Beatrix smiled and turned to Kelly . In her hand is a knife and crystal blue. - Misha appeared at the door, panting: " Maxim . There are no witches there. It was just to distract me ..." Before Misha could finish speaking, she saw the scene: there was no Beatrix , nor Muriel , just a body and Maxim . He collapsed on the floor, his hands holding Kelly's cold body. Maxim was silent in front of Kelly . Misha sat down next to him. "She's a witch," whispered Maxim . "What did you say?" Misha was not surprised. "She is a witch. Exactly a good witch. And she saved my life. All of our life, we brought hatred to all witches. Now one of them sacrificed her life to save me." After a moment of silence, an idea came to Misha's head: "If her soul is in the crystal ball, it won't disappear. If we return the soul to Kelly's body, she will probably be saved." "Oh? Why would you didn't I think of that before? You are a Misha genius ". "Slowly Maxim gets up. You know I'm very good, but we have to be well prepared."
That's it for today, tomorrow there's Chapter 4: Lunar Blood Eclipse .

See also: Chapter 1: The Threat of Witches Chapter 2: Clash of Notre Dame Chapter 4: Battle on the Blood Moon


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