Arraia FF, São João 2020 Events Calendar at Free Fire

Arraia FF, São João 2020 Events Calendar at Free Fire

Check the calendar of São João do Free Fire 2020


June is here, so it's already June season ! Even with all of us at home this year, you players will be able to enjoy a unique June party at our Arraiá FF that starts now on June 7th.

There will be a love apple, mush, balloon (fake!) And many events within the game for the whole community to enjoy. And the best part is: there are a lot of new items arriving at this party. Some will be at events and some will be free (just log in for some special dates)!

Arraiá FF starts on June 7 and ends with a super party on June 14! See below all the events we have prepared for you.

Scheduled Meetings and Elegant Mail

luck tickets royale gratis

Day 7 you have Free Fire Meetings ! This will be our login event that runs until the 14th. Whoever enters the game every day during this period will be able to win all 11 Diamond Royale tickets, two from Arma Royale and two from Incubator . And there’s also a three-day trial of romantic Valentine's Day items, which we won’t miss out on at Free Fire.

On June 12th we have gifts for everyone, whether for those who are going to spend some time alone with their Duo climbing romantic covers or enjoying alone. Just log in that day to win the new exclusive Bloquinho do Amor banner.

Find out more about this event by clicking here: 15 free Lucky Royale tickets on Free Fire .


pineapple grenade free fire

And since you're already logging in these days, just enjoy the Logranada event and book the new skin: Granada - Pineapple. When you enter the game, you will see a tab in the Events section where you can confirm this reservation. After that, just enter the 14th and redeem this skin on the track!

Learn more: Granada Pineapple Free on Free Fire .


Fly no, fly no, fly no. It lands here in my hand!

pet free fire hawk

These many people already know, but the new Falcão pet will be distributed free of charge to all players who enter the game on the 14th. No recharge and no draw, only the newest pet from Frifas for everyone who logs in on the 14th June.

Remember that it will be in the Events tab within Free Fire. You must rescue him before he appears in your safe. After that, it's just joy!

Ability: Glide farther when jumping from a glider and increase the fall speed when the parachute opens (applies to the whole team).

Learn more: Pet Falcão free at Free Fire .

Apples, Pamonhas and the Exchange Tent

There are new challenges for you starting on the 8th and going through the 14th of June.

pamonhas tokens and free fire apple

Whoever strives to complete matches, get kills and get into the top 10 will sometimes get Apple to Love tokens. They can be used to get exclusive items like the Maria Gracinha set and the O Amor Está no Ar parachute.

Only if you are willing to also collect Pamonha tokens in the events of the 14th, you can combine them with the Apples of Love to release even more items. The main prize will be the Bandana Dragão, a rare item that will arrive on the Brazilian server before all regions.

Learn more: How to get the Free Dragon Bandana on Free Fire .

Together in Junina!

And it will be very, very easy to get Apples of Love and Pamonha. On the 14th, complete challenges to get several of the two tokens and practically guarantee your Dragon Bandana.

If you are still missing some, we will give you strength. All players who log in on June 14 will receive 20 Apple of Love tokens and 20 Pamonha tokens in the game mail. Whoever enters and gets this will only need 20 more Apple Love Tokens to release the Dragon Bandana.

Call Arraiá!

call back free fire

The bonfire of São João do Free Fire will be different from the others. Also on the 14th, we will have a special event in the game that will guarantee the Fênix skin of the new Falcão FOR FREE pet for those who complete a mission. But let's leave that as a surprise and a little secret between us for the 14th.

So mark the calendar from the 7th to the 14th of June and don't miss our June Free Fire party. May you all enjoy the game and Arraiá FF !

Until then!

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