3 good Free Fire characters that deserve buffs in the May update

May Update Promises New Rounds of Character Improvements and They Should Be Present
3 good Free Fire characters that deserve buffs in the May update

Ronny Rolim

Characters are one of the most important aspects of Free Fire due to their abilities and more combination creation options. The developers don't let players down on this front as they introduce new ones at regular intervals.

Also, characters are the main areas of focus since the Free Fire OB27 update . Developers constantly improve their skills to ensure the best experience possible. They also reworked the older ones to reintegrate them into the meta.

However, even after numerous changes, the game still has a number of characters that need an update or modification in the upcoming May Update ( OB34 ) to bring them into the fray and encourage more players to employ them regularly.

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Note: This article reflects the opinion of the writer and may differ from readers. Also, this list is in no particular order.

Free Fire characters that need a buff in the May update


Antonio Free Fire

  • Ability : Gangst Spirit;
  • Description : Antonio was an orphan who grew up to be a gangster.

Antonio 's skill is relatively simple to understand as players get ten more HP at the start of each round. Also, the extra HP grows as the player's level progresses, and at the sixth level, players get 35 HP.

Although many users still use it in CS and Battle Royale (classic) mode, the skill is not very effective. Many might argue that players will receive 35 HP at the start of each round in Contra Squad mode. However, this HP simply means taking just an extra bullet or two, so it's not very useful .

Thus, the additional HP provides less impact and makes the character less attractive. That way, developers can consider improving the character in the Free Fire OB34 (May) update .


Paloma Free Fire

  • Skill : Handling Weapons;
  • Description : Paloma is the reigning queen of arms of the underworld.

Paloma helps players carry 45 additional ammo. However, this does not include Grenade Launcher ammo. Players can carry even more ammo at higher levels, with the maximum capped at 120 ammo.

Ammo shortage has become less of an issue for players since the release of Jai , and his skill is enough to recover ammo after taking down opponents. Thus, Jai also eliminates the need to reload frequently during close-range fights with multiple opponents.

Similar to Caroline and Nikita 's rework, the developers can add a new aspect to Paloma's ability to get more players to use it.


Thiva Free Fire

  • Ability : Lifting on Hit;
  • Description : Thiva is a rising music star.

Raising on the Slam first improves the speed of lifting a friend by 15%, and upon successful rescue, the user gains 25 HP within five seconds. At the highest level, the respawn speed increases to 30% and an additional 50 HP is offered to users.

Thiva received a buff in the Free Fire MAX OB33 (March) update , but is still weak in contrast to Olivia in the supporting role of providing additional HP in the revival. Olivia gives revived players 80 extra HP at the highest level . However, Thiva only gives you 50 additional health points in five seconds. Also, the 30% increase in rescue speed does not match the difference in this HP.

Thiva is among the least influential characters released as part of partnerships. Thus, it deserves a buff in the OB34 update , scheduled to happen in May 2022.